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Andrew McCabe, Donald Trump and the Deluge

In my report on the last New Moon I said that there would be a lot of Uranian surprises and disruptions during this two-week period but that we might not recognize their importance at first. This seems to be what’s happening with the firing of Andrew McCabe. It occurred just 24 hours before the New Moon and, in the immediate, it seemed petty and mean-spirited (firing a public servant just two days before he qualified for his pension), but not earthshaking. Now, however, McCabe’s dismissal is being seen by many as the first step toward firing Bob Mueller.

McCabe’s firing occurred has transiting Uranus was trine with his natal Jupiter. (Click on Andrew McCabe to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) This is the same kind of “lucky” aspect that we find in Donald Trump’s natal chart. In the past I’ve written about how this aspect has helped Trump avoid the consequences of his many business failures. I’ve also discussed how this aspect in currently being activated in his secondary progressed chart and is likely to “protect” him as the Mueller investigation closes in.

Oddly enough and contrary to all appearances, McCabe’s abrupt dismissal may turn out to be the kind of luck that Trump has been enjoying all his life. Whether or not he gets his pension, McCabe has become something of a hero to the anti-Trump people, particularly after it was learned that he had taken meticulous notes on his meetings with the President and was turning those notes over to the special prosecutor.

Another interesting thing about McCabe’s chart is the fact that Saturn is approaching a square to it’s natal place. This is one of the Saturn Cycle aspects that typically represent a turning point in a person’s life. The aspect doesn’t complete until Jan. 2019, but obviously the influence of this important passage in McCabe’s life is already evident. It indicates to me that McCabe public role is not over.

Uranus is also impacting the horoscope of Donald Trump. Transiting Uranus is trine his natal Mars. With this aspect, Trump is probably feeling invincible. When Uranus and Mars get together it is a time to act on impulse and forget about the odds or sage advice. You do what other people said could not be done and break the rules with (apparent) impunity.

Unfortunately for the President, this is only part of what is going on in his chart. As the trine between Uranus and his Mars wanes, transiting Saturn is moving into what is going to be a three month long square to his natal Mercury. As I have said previously, this is an aspect of bad news, bad information and bad decisions. The overlap of these transits could lead Trump to do something daring and contrary to what other people consider good sense, and only recognize later that it was a very bad idea.

So, will Trump fire Mueller? The New Moon chart for March 17 does have Pluto on the Midheaven which does describe the use and abuse of power. And since Mars, which represents law enforcement, is square the Sun and Moon, that could be taken as a conflict between the leadership of this country and those charged with enforcing the law. In other words, it certainly could happen.

Supposedly, on his deathbed, Louis XV told his son, the ill-fated Louis XVI, “After me, the deluge.” Andrew McCabe, walking out of his office with his cardboard box of personal items might well have said the same thing. The truth in that statement will depend on how Donald Trump react to these contradictory transits.

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