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 Following the Moon: March 17, 2018MoonYellowImage

The last Full Moon, on March 1, gave us a lot to talk about but very little to know. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) Since the Moon was in the 12th House of secrets in that chart, this is what I expected. For example, we had an extension of the Stormy Daniels scandal, with the former porn star hinting that she has photos and video to back up her story. Then there's the departure of two prominent members of the Trump team, leaving a trail of conjectures about why and why now behind  them. And we were handed a report from the House Intelligence Committee that was so partisan that it seemed more like a cover-up than an investigation.


There were some postive indicators in the Full Moon chart, including a nice trine to Jupiter by Mecury and Venus, and this brought us some good news. The offer by Kim Jong Un to hold talks with the U.S. on nuclear disarmament was certainly both surprising and encouraging, but it also came with a lot of unknowns. Given the unpredictability of that regime, there are significant questions about North Korea's agenda.


Thankfully, the worst things that I predicted from this Full Moon chart did not happen. I was concerned about the square by Mars to Venus and Mercury.This seems to have manifested in the sexual nature of the Stormy Daniels scandal. (Mars and Venus are related to sex.) I was also alarmed to see Saturn on the IC (when charted for Washington D.C.). I thought that this might be connected to some sort of natural disaster or a blow to the image of the U.S. As it turned out the event this placement can be matched to is President Trump's decision to impose tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. This decision called into question America's role as an economic leader in the world.


The next two weeks will be dominated by a New Moon in Pisces. This chart (click here to see the horoscope done for Washington D.C.) has some ominous indicators. The Sun and Moon are square to Mars, which is in the Eighth House, associated with death, debt and obsessive behavior. The fact that Pluto is on the Midheaven brings in the concept of overwhelming power. I would normally associate this with corporate or military power, but it could also be the inordinate power that a deranged individual with a semi-automatic weapon can wield.


Of course, Pluto on the Midheaven and Mars in the Eighth square the Sun and Moon could also represent transformation on a massive scale. I think that we have a lot of individuals in this country who are ready for such a transformation. Unfortunately, according to some, we also have a stock market that is overdue for a massive correction. Since the Eighth House is associated with money, the coming transformation might have more to do with our IRAs  than our consciousness.


There are a couple of things about this chart that are more hopeful. I like the sextile that Jupiter makes to that powerfully placed Pluto. This should ameliorate some of the darkness for which Pluto (named for the ruler of Hades) is known. Also, The Sun and Moon form a semi-sextile to Uranus. This is an aspect of surprises and positive change, but since the semi-sextile is a "sneaky" aspect, these surpirses and disruptions might not seem all that important at first. We have a second semi-sextile between Neptune and Mercury. This tells me that the Stormy Daniels affair will continue to be news, and that it might be joined in the media by other matters laden with Neptunian rumors and innuendos.


Since Donald Trump took office there have been damn few boring weeks. It seems like every Full and New Moon chart I've looked at has had significant placements of disruptive Uranus and explosive Mars. This one is no different, so be careful out there.


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