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The Retrograde Wild Card

The Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) scandal has come back on Donald Trump like a bad burrito. When I wrote about Clifford and her chart (click on Stephanie Clifford to see the article and the partial horoscope) it looked as if this affair was going to be a bit of salacious gossip that would be forgotten in a few weeks, but recent developments have brought it back into the news, and it all has to do with retrograde planets.

Planets go retrograde when their apparent motion, relative the to orbit of the Earth, is in a backward direction. In my last article on Clifford I noted that transiting Jupiter was conjunct her natal Uranus. This is a wild card aspect and often brings us lucky breaks or puts us in bizarre situations. The bizarre situation that Clifford found herself in in January was being named by a major news outlet as a party in a sex scandal involving the President of the United States.

What I didn’t see coming in January (my bad) was the fact that Jupiter was due to turn retrograde in March. It did this just three degrees away from Clifford’s Uranus and it will now move backwards and make another conjunction to Uranus in April of this year. Of course, what goes backwards has to turn around and go forward again, so Jupiter will hit Clifford’s Uranus again in September.

What this means is that the bizarre situation in which Clifford was placed in January is not going away, and it has become a major business opportunity for the over-the-hill porn star. Of course, what is good news for Stormy Daniels is bad news to Donald Trump, who is going to be battling an opposition between transiting Saturn and his natal Mercury for the next three months.

In a previous article I pointed out that a hard aspect by Saturn to Mercury is an aspect of bad news, bad information and bad decisions. The bad news for Trump is that Clifford is suing him over the confidentiality agreement she was paid to sign, saying that it is invalid because Trump failed to sign it. However, the real bad news is that it is becoming more and more apparent that the pay off she received was a violation of campaign finance laws.

There are now people who are saying that this little sex scandal could morph into as big a problem for the Trump administration as the Mueller investigation. As I said in previous posts, I think that the conjunction to Trump’s natal Jupiter (which is trine his natal Uranus) by his progressed Venus is going to protect him this year. The fact that the Republican majority in the Senate and House seems mostly deaf to their President’s faults is another factor. However, with this matter and the threat of the Mueller investigation bearing down on them, Trump and his people are not going to find much joy in the arrival of Spring.

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