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Sam Nunberg and the Heartbreak of Rhyming AspectsnunbergImage

For a guy who got his law degree from a tiny school on Long Island, Sam Nunberg has managed to make himself a Harvard-sized headache for Donald Trump and company. His interview with several news outlets Monday turned into a coast-to-coast recording of an emotional breakdown, as this low-level operative in the Trump campaign started spewing forth incriminating tidbits and delicious hints as to where the Mueller investigation is going.

Since I was busy with other business Monday and Tuesday, I only got a chance to look at his horoscope today. Of course, we don’t have a time of birth or even a definite place of birth, so I put together a chart done for noon on his birthday for Long Island City. (Click on Sam Nunberg to see the horoscope.) In some ways this is a more “incomplete” chart than most since we can’t even be sure of his Sun sign. (The Sun moved from Gemini to Cancer on the date that Nunberg was born.) However, given the emotional nature of his outburst Monday, I’m willing to bet that his Sun sign is Cancer.

Though we can’t be sure of Nunberg’s Sun sign, we can be sure of the aspects to his Sun. Nunberg’s Sun is in a conjunction with his Mercury and both are square to his natal Jupiter and his natal Saturn, which are also in conjunction. A square between the Sun and Jupiter typically indicates a high (sometimes too high) degree of self-confidence that is often rooted in positive reinforcement for a figure of authority. That’s great, except that what a square between the Sun and Saturn indicates just the opposite. It is typically seen in the horoscope of a person with low self-esteem and significant issues with authority, often brought on by a history of negative interactions with authority figures.

Contradictory aspects often result in contradictory behavior. Thus, we have Nunberg, on the one hand, dismissing allegations that Russian meddling helped Trump win the election, and on the other calling the President an idiot and saying he hates him. Also, Jupiter square the Sun is prone to reckless declarations, while Saturn square the Sun is more realistic. After claiming that he would not cooperate with the Mueller investigation on Monday, Nunberg meekly announced on Tuesday that he would.

The transits to Nunberg’s horoscope is also interesting. When he was giving those interviews transiting Mars was conjunct his natal Neptune. This is an aspect that describes aggression directed toward in unproductive, delusional and sometimes self-destructive aims. There was some question as to whether Nunberg had been drinking when he made these rants. With this aspect he didn’t have to be, though it might have helped.

This brings us to the rhyming aspect. In Nunberg’s natal chart Venus is square his natal Pluto. This can be a troublesome aspect. It can result in a pattern of mistrust regarding relationships as well as issues regarding power within relationships. The person may be drawn to relationships in which he or she surrenders power to another person then become resentful of the power that person has over him or her. Though we are usually talking about romantic relationship with Venus, working relationships such as the one between Nunberg and Trump and Roger Stone (a Trump ally that Nunberg considers his mentor) are also within the purview of this planet.

What’s going on right now in Nunberg’s chart is that transiting Pluto has moved into a close opposition aspect to his Venus, repeating the pattern found in his natal chart. This means that all the emotional baggage that Nunberg has shoved into this natal aspect are going to be pouring out. It doesn’t all have to be negative. Even “bad” aspects can have positive outcomes. However, it appears that for Nunberg the negative stuff wins out. Though the stars may be rhyming, I doubt that he is appreciating the verse.