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The Shape of Pisces

I’m sure no astrologer was surprised to see “The Shape of Water” win the Oscar for best picture last night. After all, the planet Neptune which rules glamor and illusion and is therefore closely associated with the movie industry is in the sign of Pisces. If ever there was a time of a movie with a fishy protagonist, this is it.

Of course, Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces, so it is particularly strong in that sign. Because of the time of year in which the Oscar ceremony is held, the Sun is always in Pisces. However, last night the Sun was within a degree of a conjunction with Neptune, doubling the Pisces influence. On top of that, Mercury and Venus (one associated with communication and the other with beauty and romance) were also conjunct in Pisces. Again, if there was ever a night to celebrate a woman’s love affair with a fish-man, this was it.

We don’t have a time of birth for Guillermo del Toro, who also won the Oscar for best director for “The Shape of Water.” (Click on Guillermo del Toro to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.) However, even in this partial chart it is easy to see that Neptune plays a big role. The most dynamic aspect in the chart is a square between Mars and Neptune, and his Sun is semi-sextile Neptune. His Neptune is also sextile both his Uranus and Pluto. We have no way of knowing how it is placed in the chart, but with all these aspects, this planet will be exerting a great deal of power wherever it lands.

Del Toro established his reputation making movies based on comic book characters and monsters. He has also used fairy tale themes in his films. Obviously, Neptunian fantasy is an important part of his creative process. With Mars square Neptune, turning these fantasies into action/adventure movies is a natural fit for him.

Without a time of birth we only have a partial picture of what was going on in del Toro’s chart last night. The conjunction of the Sun and Neptune was opposite his Pluto and Uranus. This is not the best configuration for a major award. The Sun oppose Pluto typically indicates frustration and blocked aims. He might have felt blocked in some way, but obviously there were other transits active in his horoscope.

Another factor that helped “The Shape of Water” win big last night was the fact that the Moon was nearing an opposition aspect with Uranus. This gave the edge to unusual, quirky stories. I haven’t seen “The Shape of Water”, but the theme does seem a bit on the quirky side. Meanwhile, filmmakers should take note. Neptune will be in Pisces until 2024. Until then your “Oscar bait” may all have to have gills.

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