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Following the Moon: March 1, 2018MoonYellowImage

As I expected, the New Moon of Feb. 15 brought us a ton of Uranian upset. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) In that chart Uranus (the planet of disruption) was on the Midheaven (when charted for Washington D.C.) and in a close aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury. The upset began with the Parkland school shooting, but its real influence was felt in the reaction to that horrendous event. Even though I was expecting something “revolutionary” to happen, I was as surprised as anyone by the way in which that tragedy galvanized a whole generation (born with Neptune in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus) into a potent political force.

Of course, the immediate political impact of the activism of these young people has been limited. Even if there is action on bump stocks and the minimum age to purchase a gun it will be far short of what needs to be done. In that battle the N.R.A. seemed to be winning, at least until yesterday, when Trump issued his surprising proposals for gun control. However, given the mercurial personality of this president (a Gemini after all) and the fanaticism of his base with regard to this issue, Trump’s recent statements are not likely to be the last word.

Meanwhile the Neptune in Aquarius generation has found a new way of showing its muscle. One of the basic tenets of advertising is the need to get the attention of young people who are just developing brand loyalty. What has developed over the past week or so is a recognition that the best way for a major company to endear itself to this younger generation and get that cherished brand loyalty is by publically curtailing discounts previously offered to members of the N.R.A. Score one for the kids.

The New Moon chart for Feb. 15 also contains a close square between Mars and Neptune. I see this aspect as relating to the problems now facing Jared Kushner. General Kelly (a Martian figure if there ever was one) has used his position as Trump’s Chief of Staff to cut through the Neptunian vagary that surrounded the pending security clearance granted the President’s son-in-law and guy-in-charge-of-everything and get it canceled. This puts Kushner in the awkward position of been a chief advisor the president who can’t see classified material. It also has forced Trump to choose between his Chief of Staff and his relatives.

Speaking of the President, there has been movement in the Mueller investigation but not as much as I had expected. New charges have been made against, and more pressure applied to Paul Manafort and it seems as if the special prosecutor is now looking at Trump’s financial dealings. I did predict that money would be a major factor during this period. In this regard it is worth noting that one of the sticking points in Kushner’s application for security clearance was the huge debt accrued by his company.

The Full Moon coming up this evening promises to give us another interesting two weeks, though in a quieter way. The Moon in this chart (click here to see the chart) is in the 12th House of secrets and Neptune is conjunct the Sun (and opposes the Moon). Neptune often brings a whim of scandal but the emphasis on the 12th indicates that the substance of that scandal will be hidden from view. It seems that the negotiations between Trump’s attorneys and the special prosecutor concerning an interview with the President will continue behind closed doors. I think it will also be a period for muddled and perhaps deceptive messages and a concern for secrecy in many other areas. This is one reason why I’m underwhelmed by Trump’s sudden change of heart on gun control. I think it will get lost in the coming Neptunian fog.

There is a positive aspect in this Full Moon chart between Jupiter in the 2nd House of money and Mercury and Venus. This indicates that where will be positive economic news. Unfortunately, Mars is also square Mercury and Venus and this could bring us attacks on women and gays. Since Mars is in the 3rd House of communication we should expect these attacks to come through the media, but with Mars in the picture, there is always the possibility for violence.

Actually, the thing about this chart that concerns me the most is the placement of Saturn close to the I.C. at the very bottom of the horoscope (when charted for Washington D.C.). Since the I.C. is the cusp of the 4th House of home, and Saturn is typically seen as a malefic influence, I see this placement as predicting something “bad” involving our homeland. The classic interpretation would be an earthquake of other natural disaster, but I think it could also be a blow to the standing of the United States in the world, a blot on our reputation or a significant stumble in our foreign policy.


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