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Astrology in the New Reality

For several years now a group of scientists and other thinkers like Ervin Laszlo, Stanislav Grof and Anthony Peake have been poking at the edges of the scientific establishment and forming a new vision of how the world works. Their vision is based on scientific facts, but where conventional scientists refuse to see beyond the physical and put their trust entirely in the random, these people are willing to suppose something very different.

Ervin Laszlo, in particular, has promoted a theory of an underlying field of information (which he has termed the Akashic Field or the ground-state intelligence) that has guided the energies spewed forth by the big bang in the formation of galaxies and stars and the progress of evolution on this planet from single cell creatures to complex organisms such as ourselves. In Laszlo’s theory, human consciousness is also linked to this cosmic memory field and that evidence of this can be seen in such phenomena as precognition and near death experiences.

Laszlo doesn’t mention astrology in his writings but his ideas validate a lot of what astrologers have been saying for thousands of years. At root of Laszlo's thinking is the notion that everything in the universe is connected. In such a universe the ancient astrological dictum, as above so below, becomes an undeniable truth.

More important, the same cosmic memory field that informs human consciousness also guides the motion of the planets. However, unlike the permutations of our consciousness and the shifting circumstances of our lives, the movement of the planets is predictable, allowing us to peak into the future. Through trial and error over several millennia, astrologers have learned how to translate what the Akashic Field expresses through the motion of the planets into the language of human emotions and events.

I highly recommend Laszlo’s books to anyone interested in the relationship between astrology and science. The book I most recently finished by Laszlo (with his son, Alexander) is titled "The New Reality: A New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness." My favorite is “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything”. Laszlo has wer several other books relating to this subject and all of them are informative.


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