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Can the Neptune in Aquarius Generation Save Us?NeptuneAquaius

Like many people I have been thrilled and encouraged by the activism of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting, and by other youngsters from this same generation, against gun violence. I might even be a little more thrilled than most because I see these young people as representing the best of the generation born with Neptune in Aquarius.

Neptune defines the vision and hope of a generation. The sign Neptune occupies reveals what that generation sees as the “perfect” world, and how they will impose this vision on the real world in which they live. The fact that a generation born with Neptune in Aquarius would put forth a vision that strongly conflicts with the status quo and call for action on a societal level is quite in keeping with the symbolism of that sign. This is a generation of revolutionaries, and they will be heard.

In previous articles, I have discussed various issues involving this Neptune in Aquarius generation. I’ve pointed out that they make up half of the refugees coming into Europe from the Middle East and Africa and that they make up a large percentage of the Russians resisting the government of Vladimir Putin. (Click here and here to see the articles.) But now we are seeing how this generation can make a difference in this country.

Of course, this is still a young generation, born between 1998 and 2011. We are only beginning to see the influence they can exert. So we shouldn’t be surprised that they weren’t able to get the Florida legislature to even debate a bill banning assault weapons, and that the reforms that have been proposed at the federal level have been weak. (A ban on “bump stocks” was supposed to have happened after the Las Vegas massacre and didn’t, and the only appropriate reply to raising the legal age for buying a gun is “Why was it 18 in the first places?)

Supporting these reforms has at least given Donald Trump a chance to get some good out of the “good” aspect to his natal Mars by Uranus. (Click here to see my article on that aspect.) Uranus rules Aquarius, so for the moment Trump is feeling a certain kinship with this Neptune in Aquarius generation.

The key, however, is that this is only the beginning. The vision of a generation born with Neptune in Aquarius is always going to be focused on the future, on the long-term battles and changes. Another factor is degree to which the members of this generation are connected to one another. Social media will allow this generation to organize protests, marches, boycotts and political action on a scale that no previous generation could imagine.

In closing I want to repeat the disclaimer I use whenever I discuss generational astrology. No individual is or should be a perfect representative of his or her generation. Generational astrology is general. You might be born with Neptune in generation and not feel at all revolutionary. That’s fine. You can sit back with the rest of us and watch as your generation changes the world.