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Turning Good Aspects into Bad

Things are going pretty well for Donald Trump right now, astrologically speaking. Along with the secondary progressed aspects I’ve previously discussed (Click on “Can Mueller Derail the Trump Train?” to see that article.) he currently has Uranus trine his natal Mars, which is strongly placed near his Ascendant. Evidence of this positive aspect can be seen in current events. The economy is going strong, his approval ratings are finally returning to the 40% range and Mueller’s most recent indictments were directed mostly at Russians.

And yet, Trump spent his weekend, in between rounds of golf, tweeting attacks on the F.B.I., the Mueller investigation, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff, and Oprah. He also contradicted his national security adviser’s statements regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 election and his own past statements on gun control and Russia. Instead of acting like a guy who’s winning, Trump has apparently adopted the belligerent, kill-or-be-killed pose of a cornered bear.

Of course, Trump’s current transits are not all good. Along with trining his Mars, Uranus is square his natal Venus. Aspects to Venus in the natal chart tend to have their greatest relevance to our personal lives. Unfortunately for the President, his personal live has recently become disconcertingly public, first with allegations of an affairs with a porn star and then with a Playboy model. No one can say for sure how these revelations have impacted his marriage, but problems in that area could account for Trump’s sour mood.

However, I think the real culprit is how Trump is using the energy of Uranus. Even in a positive aspect, Uranus disrupts. It spurs us to take daring and dramatic actions. There is also an arrogant quality about Uranus, a sense that you can get away with anything. When we are under a Uranus aspect, particular to Mars (the warrior) it is easy for us to become reckless, inconsiderate and selfish. That’s why what we do under these aspects often seems brilliant at the time, then later becomes a monumental regret.

We also have to consider the special relationship that Donald Trump has with Uranus and Mars. Uranus is strongly placed in his horoscope, in the 10th House, trine Jupiter. His Mars is strong in Leo and close to his Ascendant (his “outer” personality). For these reasons, Trump is going to react to an aspect like this with much more intensity that other people.

So, while most people with Uranus trine their Mars might enjoy a period in which things seem to go their way, in which good fortune and happenstance seems to protect them from harm and encourage them to try new, maybe daring things, Donald Trump gets a little crazy. This could still be a good thing, but because Trump has decided to draw from Uranus and Mars everything that is negative (the recklessness, the combativeness and the arrogance) he’s basically taken a positive aspect and turned it into a negative.

Next weekend Trump’s Uranus-Mars issues will intensify as transiting Mars moves into an opposition aspect to his natal Uranus. This could be an extremely positive aspect for the President. (Mars will also be sextile his natal Jupiter.) But if he continues to emphasize the negative features of these planets, the outcome will be more anger, more lashing out and more rash judgments.