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Following the Moon: Feb. 15, 2018

The last Full Moon came with all the bells and whistles. It was blue, it was super, it was a lunar eclipse, but it didn’t carry much oomph when it came to aspects. (Click here to see "Following the Moon: Jan. 31, 2018)The events of last two weeks have been evidence of that. The much hyped Nunes memo turned out to be a nothing-burger that impressed no one outside the Fox News crowd. Congress passed a budget, which is exactly what they are supposed to do. And the Rob Porter scandal has just provided further proof (as if we needed any) of the dysfunction and mendacity of this White House.

Tomorrow’s New Moon also comes with a lot of bells and whistles, but these bells and whistles are of an entirely different order. It will be a partial eclipse, with the Sun and Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius. This is a significant degree of the zodiac. First of all it is almost directly opposite the degree (28 degrees of Leo) of the big eclipse we had last August. It is also conjunct the Moon in the Sibly chart for the United States and opposite both Donald Trump’s Mars (at 26 degrees of Leo) and his Ascendant (at 29 degrees of Leo).

On top of this, the configurations within the chart are dynamic. Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon in this chart with Uranus sextile all three. In a chart done for Washington D.C., Uranus is within a degree of the Midheaven. The chart also contains an almost exact square between Mars and Neptune.  When you put all of this together, the indications for the next two weeks are both thrilling and ominous.

I think that the fact that this eclipse is directly opposite the degree of the August eclipse is going to bring down some sort of judgment on Donald Trump’s unique “style” of being “presidential.” With the eclipse conjunct the Sibly Moon, that judgment is going to resonate strongly with the American people. And since it is opposite both his Mars and Ascendant, that judgment is not likely to be a positive one. I see the square between Mars and Neptune as indicating a new scandal involving the White House or the U.S. government. Since Neptune is in the 8th House, the central issue could be sex or (more likely) money. The placement of Uranus on the Midheaven (when charted for Washington D.C.) tells  that all of this is going to disruptive to the status quo.

When I wrote about the Full Moon on Jan. 31, I said that important matters would be discussed behind closed doors. Something that has been apparently going on out of sight has been negotiations between Trump’s lawyers and the special prosecutor on the possibility of an interview with the President. The general opinion is that submitting to such an interview would be disastrous for Trump, given his tendency to veer away from the truth. I think that this New Moon chart is a strong indication that Trump will ignore the advice of his lawyers and everyone else and agree to be interviewed.

The fact that Mueller wants to talk to Trump has been taken by many as proof that his investigation is in its final stages. I’m not so sure this is the case, but I do think we could see some dramatic developments, and possibly more indictments, during the next two week. Of course, there are ways other than politics in which this New Moon and partial eclipse could manifest, however, given the strong connection between this New Moon and both Donald Trump’s natal chart and the U.S. chart, I think that it’s safe to say that politics is going to be the dominant theme.

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