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Leo Sun, Cancer MoonAnglinAImage

Some combinations of the Sun and Moon work well together. Others do not, and there are occasions when this failure to work together can be problematic.  I found an example of this in a recent article the "Atlantic" by Luke O’Brien. The article profiled the alt-right blogger and fascist agitator, Andrew Anglin.

Anglin represents the younger generation of alt-right enthusiasts. His website, The Daily Stormer, became a magnet for disaffected youngsters, predominately males. It was a place where a white guy could kick back and insult blacks, women, Hispanics, Jews and anyone perceived as being weak or “politically correct” with impunity. However, Anglin took this hate talk one step farther, publishing the contact information of individuals and institutions he didn’t like and asking his minions to inundate these targets with insulting emails, threatening phone calls and computer viruses.

We don’t have a time of birth for Andrew Anglin and his place of birth is also not stated, though it was most likely Columbus, Ohio where he grew up and his family still lives. (Click on Andrew Anglin to see the chart.) The first thing we notice with this chart is that Anglin is a Leo by Sun sign with the Moon in Cancer.

In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo I say of this combination of the Sun and Moon: “It is often difficult for you to balance your enthusiasm and passion for living with your feelings of emotional vulnerability. When you chose to ignore your fears and push ahead with your grand schemes you open yourself to psychological harm. But if you are too protective of your feelings, you can become defensive, frustrated and angry at the world.”

When he was 23, lacking any other prospects, Anglin decided to escape the modern world. Fascinated by various conspiracy theories about mind control and aliens in charge of the government he decide to go “off the grid”. Supported by checks from his parents, he move to the Philippines and attempted to make a life for himself in the jungle with a primativee, mountain tribe.

This was Anglin’s grand Leo plan. It seems that he imagined himself becoming an important personage within this tribe and having multiple wives. But for some reason, this didn’t work out. The natives sent Anglin packing and he returned home to Columbus with is his sensitive Moon in Cancer shattered and his proud Leo Sun heart full of anger. A few years later he started The Daily Stormer.

Anglin patterned his website on Julius Streicher’s “Der Sturmer” which was Adolf Hitler’s favorite bathroom read. For a while he seemed to be following in his hero’s footsteps. The white supremacist march in Charlotteville changed all of that. Billed as a unification of the alt-right it turned out to be major stumbling block. Startled by the destructive potential of these groups, webhosts began dumping their websites. The Daily Stormer was among the victims of this trend. Unable to find a legitimate outlet, Anglin has retreated to the dark web.

Over the years, Anglin has become an international man of mystery. He has been sighted in various places including Greece, Russia, a courthouse in Montana and on his family’s farm in Ohio, but he never seems to stay in one place long. This is partly to avoid being served with subpoenas related to the several law suits that have been lodged against him, but I think it also be his way of protecting that sensitive Cancer Moon that has been left exposed and hurting by his boundless Leo rage.