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Astrology at Work: David Bowie

There can be no doubt that, as a performer, David Bowie went to extremes. With the Moon in theatrical Leo, (Click on David Bowie to see his chart.) Bowie spent the early years of his career exhibited this extreme behavior through different personas. For a while he was Ziggy Stardust, the androgyne avatar of glam rock. And then he was the Thin White Duke, part alien, part Nazi.

At the same time, during the 1970s, Bowie was utterly consumed with the rock-and-roll lifestyle. He was constantly on the move, shifting his residence from London, to New York, to Los Angeles to Berlin. His promiscuity was legendary and involved both women and men. And he fueled all this activity with large doses of cocaine.

An astrologer who encountered Bowie during these years would have been hard pressed to explain how it was that a Sun sign Capricorn, which Bowie was, could be living such a madcap, anything-goes lifestyle. After all, Capricorns are supposed to sensible, practical and down-to-earth. They are the workaholics of the zodiac, and typically don’t have time to waste on pointless hedonism.

This astrologer might have pointed to various factors in Bowie’s horoscope, such as the trine to his Sun and Mars by Uranus and the square between his Mercury and Neptune. If this astrologer was privy to more details about Bowie’s private life during this period, he or she might have noted that Bowie’s drug use was often coupled with periods of profound depression. It is not unusual for Capricorns to go through periods of self-doubt and negativity and in these moods they can turn to alcohol or drugs as a crutch.

In reality, however, all this astrologer would have needed to do is wait, because in the 1980s a different David Bowie emerged. Bowie summed up this transformation in an interview he gave a journalist named Mick Brown in 1996. Speaking of this period of his life, Bowie said that he finally came to the conclusion that he was “not a particularly hedonistic person.” In other words, he discovered his essential Capricorn nature and decided that the mindless search for pleasure was not for him.

Sun sign astrology is always a hit-or-miss affair. There are so many ways in which a Capricorn can be a Capricorn, or an Aries and Aries and so on. This is particularly true when you are viewing just a small slice of a person’s life. However, when we take a longer look at that life, through youth, adulthood and old age, the bones of the person’s Sun sign frequently emerge with startling accuracy.

For David Bowie, all you need to do is look all the work he did. Bowie released a total of 26 albums during his career and he spent months on the road touring of each of them. He also performed on Broadway and appeared in over twenty movies. Some of these albums and movies were hits, some were duds, but Capricorns are not all that interested in accolades. For them the most important thing is to just keep working. In this sense David Bowie turned out to be the perfect Capricorn.


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