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The Horoscope of Rose McGowanMcGowanImage

With a new book and a documentary on her life and troubles, Rose McGowan has been very much in the news lately. We don’t usually have a complete horoscope for people whose public profiles rise so quickly, but McGowan is an exception. She was born in Italy where birth times are recorded and birth records can be accessed by researchers. (Click on Rose McGowan to see her horoscope.)

Of course, McGowan is famous for being the first woman to speak out on the abuses of Harvey Weinstein. In 1997, the actress was lured into Weinstein’s hotel room and raped by the producer. She was then told to keep quiet about it for the sake of her career. In 2016 McGowan realized that she could no longer be silent and she began publish her allegations on social media. This led to reprisals carried out by Weinstein and people working for him.

At first glance, McGowan chart doesn’t seem to describe the sort of person who would take on a Hollywood big shot like Weinstein. She is a Virgo by Sun sign and she has Gemini rising. This combination of easy-going, Mutable signs, along with a practical Capricorn Moon doesn’t typically result in a disruptive personality. But McGowan’s Capricorn Moon forms an almost exact trine to Mars. This is the mark of an activist, a fighter who will not be intimidated. Also, her Mars is in Taurus, so she is a stubborn fighter. Taurus is a sign of absolutes and the outrage of Mars in Taurus knows no limits.

Another interesting thing about McGowan’s chart is the fact that she has four outer planets, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn involved in a tight pattern of aspects. The core of the system is a square between Saturn and Pluto. McGowan is both serious and intense. She harbors within her a core of energy that might be hard to spot in her day-to-day life. However, once that energy is brought to the surface it becomes an awesome force. She is definitely not the person you want to pick on.

When McGowan first began to tweet about being sexually assaulted by a major Hollywood producer Saturn was crossing her natal Descendant. Right now, with the book, the documentary and several appearances of TV talk shows, Saturn is opposing her natal Saturn. These are both important Saturn Cycle aspects. Saturn Cycle aspects often represent turning points in our lives. They can also bring us the things we have earned through hard work and courage. McGowan is definitely put her life on a new course when she began to speak out in Oct. 2016.  Now that bravery and fighting spirit are being rewarded.

In Mid-March transiting Saturn will move across McGowan’s natal Moon. It will stay within a degree of that aspect through May. This indicates that all the publicity that she is currently getting could come with an emotional cost. Too much outrage, like too much of anything, is not healthy. If McGowan is not mindful of this and cannot find ways to let the outrage go she could suffer both physically and emotionally during this period.