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Following the Moon: Jan. 31, 2018

As predicted, the New Moon of Jan. 16 brought us a barrel full of changes and upsets. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) Right off the bat (on Jan. 17) “In Touch” magazine published Stormy Daniels’ account of her tryst with Donald Trump (based on an interview given before the alleged pay-off from Trump’s lawyer.) Then we had a government shutdown and another women’s march in various cities in the U.S and elsewhere. In my article I had predicted either a government shutdown or massive protests. Looks like we got a little bit of both.

However, all of this has been recently overshadowed by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee who cast aside any pretense of bi-partisanship, along with the concerns of both the Justice Dept. and the F.B.I., and moved to publish a memo elaborating on their contention that people in the Justice Dept. and the F.B.I. are intentionally using the Russia probe to smear the president. Democrats complained loudly that this memo contains false and misleading information, while the Justice Dept. contends that the memo contains information that is classified. The person who gets to decide whether or not the memo is released is, of course, the man being investigated, Donald Trump.

There is also the President’s State of the Union address which is taking place the night before the next lunation, but I don't think that anything Trump read off his teleprompter tops this blatant attempt to cut the legs out from under the Russia investigation. By the way, in an article I wrote recently about Robert Mueller, I talked about how the transit of Neptune in his chart would lead to challenges to his credibility. (Click on Robert Mueller to see that article.)

Now we have a very special Full Moon coming up. Not only is it a “super” moon, and a “blue” moon, it is also a lunar eclipse. However, compared to the last New and Full Moons, the chart for this one is rather lackluster. There are no close aspects to either the Sun or the Moon, except for a quincunx and semi-sextile from Neptune. In fact, there are no close, major aspects at all. So, even though the Full Moon has several unique features, it seems to be predicting a much quieter period during the next two weeks.

What I foresee with this Full Moon chart is period of heightened emotions. People are going to be more concerned with personal issues than with what’s going on in Washington. Since the Sun in the chart set for Washington D.C. is in the 12th House of secrets, I think that much of what happens in the political sphere will be happening behind closed doors. There will be negotiations on immigration, but details on what’s being decided will be hidden from view. As far as the House’s memo is concerned, Trump (and his lawyers) might decide not to release it. (Why submit the memo’s findings to withering analysis by the press and others when its mere existence is enough to fire up Trump’s supporters?) Meanwhile, Mueller will continue to quietly move his investigation along.

In case you think that things are going to get boring, I’ve peeked ahead to the Feb. 15 New Moon, which is also going to be a partial eclipse. That New Moon will be taking place at 27 degrees of Aquarius. That’s directly opposite (give or take a degree) from both the point of total eclipse we had last August and Donald Trump’s natal Mars For all of you who are looking for some action on the political scene, this is likely going to be the New Moon that brings it all home.

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