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The Horoscope of Larry NassarNasserLImage

The reason we examine the horoscopes of people who do extremely bad things is not because we want to see what aspects or placements made them do these bad things. Nothing in a horoscope compels a person to do evil. The horoscope provides potentials. It is the circumstances of and the choices made by the individual that take those potentials to extremes. Another person with a similar chart might, and most probably would, make better and less extreme choices.However, because of these moderate choices the influence of a particular factor in their horoscope might be muted and more difficult to discern. People who do extremely bad things, on the other hand, demonstrate the potential of that astrological factor in the most dramatic way possible. The actions of such people can never be taken as the norm, but they can be educational.

This is the case with Larry Nasser, the doctor recently convicted of sexually molesting over a hundred girls, some of them on the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team. Of course, we do not have a time of birth for Nassar or the place where he was born. I am using a chart done for noon on his birth date in his hometown of North Farmington, MI. (Click on Larry Nassar to see the horoscope.)

Nassar is a Leo by Sun sign and he also has Venus in Leo. In the Mars Venus Handbook we point out that people with Mars or Venus in Leo prefer relationships in which they can dominate. With Venus in Leo there is also a tendency toward relationships with people who are famous or heroic. Nassar had apparently been molesting girls long before he began working with Olympic athletes, but the fact that he was drawn to this role follows this Venus in Leo pattern. The young women he was treating were distinguished and heroic and he was seeing them in situations in which he had control.

What is remarkable about Nassar’s chart is the fact that his Venus in Leo is in a nearly exact opposition aspect with Saturn. The typical interpretation of Venus opposed to Saturn is a love life troubled by an inability to show affection and a tendency to withdraw from intimacy. Within the “normal” range this can play out in many different ways depending on the sign in which Venus is placed and related factors. A person with this aspect might be judgmental with his or her partner or turn love into a commodity. They might set impossible standards or ruin relationships by appearing selfish or inflexible. It can be a hard aspect to get around but, as with everything in a horoscope, solutions are available as long as the subject is willing to do the work necessary to find them.

However, there are other ways of looking at Saturn. Saturn restricts. It judges. It closes off. But Saturn also stunts growth and development. I think that it’s likely that in the case of Larry Nassar Saturn stunted the normal social and sexual development of Venus, producing a fixation on children and teenage girls. There may have also been a biological factor, but we can’t dismiss the importance of choice. As a doctor Nassar had to be aware of his problem and yet he apparently never sought any sort of help in controlling it. Instead he did what felt good for the worst side of Leo Sun and Leo Venus. He pursued sexual contacts with people he could dominate.

Jupiter is also involved in this aspect. It is trine Venus and sextile Saturn. I think this is what allowed Nassar to get away with his crimes for so long. With Jupiter trine Venus people saw him as “nice” guy. Adults were willing of overlook his inordinate interest in children while the children accepted him as a benefactor, until it was too late. The fact that Nassar has the Moon in Cancer probably also helped. At some level, he is a genuinely caring individual. After all, he had a wife and three children. He managed to keep the “monster” inside him in a separate compartment. Unfortunately, since we don’t have a time of birth, we can’t say what sort aspect the Moon is making in this chart. It could be involved in the Venus-Saturn-Jupiter system or it could be square his Mars and trine his Neptune. There is an argument to be made for either arrangement.

It is interesting that at the time of Nassar’s arrest in Dec. 2016 transiting Saturn was forming a Grand Trine with his natal Venus and his natal Jupiter. At the same time transiting Jupiter was opposed to his natal Jupiter and sextile his natal Venus. These are all “good” aspects and in a normal situation an astrologer might predict a period in which tensions were released and obstacles avoided. It may be that being finally found out was as much a relief for Dr. Nassar as it was for the many young women who were living with the scars of his abuse.

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