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Woody Allen, Saturn and FateAllenWImage

I suppose it was only a matter of time, given our current zero tolerance for sexual harassment and the “Me Too” movement, before someone brought up Woody Allen.  And it is perhaps it is only fitting that that someone would be Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow who, when she was a child back in the 1990s, had accused Allen of fondling her. Now 32, Dylan is reaffirming the allegations. Allen was quick to publish a denial of her claims.

For those of you who might be too young to recall, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow were the “odd” couple of early 1990s. Both had their quirks. Allen was the nebbish New Yorker and Farrow was the blond beauty with a penchant for adopting children. Nonetheless, their relationship seemed to prosper, until the day when Farrow found naked Polaroid’s of one of her adopted daughters (Soon-Yi) in Allen’s apartment.

What followed was one of the nastiest non-divorces in legal history. Farrow accused Allen of being a sexual predator and she used the testimony of Dylan, who was 7 at the time, to support her case. Allen accused Farrow of being crazy and claimed that Dylan’s testimony had been coached by her vengeful mother.

I wrote an article for Horoscope Magazine on this affair many years ago, and in it I discussed the opposition of Mars to Pluto in Woody Allen’s natal horoscope. (Click on Woody Allen to see the chart.) Of course, this is the same sort of aspect we have seen in some of our current crop of sexual abusers: Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore and Matt Lauer. (Click on these names for a more in-depth explanation of this aspect.)

I was able to find a date of birth for Dylan Farrow but not a time or place of birth, so I did the chart for New York City at noon for lack of a better option. (Click on Dylan Farrow to see the chart.) What stands out in this horoscope is the conjunction of Dylan’s Sun and Mars in Cancer. This indicates a combative personality, and since the sign is Cancer, those combative qualities are expressed emotionally.  This is not someone who walks away for a fight, or forgets a wrong.

In Woody Allen's chart right now transiting Mars is nearing his I.C. This is a fairly short-term aspect that typically brings a period of conflict and trouble. However, it’s what is going on Allen’s secondary progressed horoscope that is really interesting. Allen’s secondary progressed Sun is moving across his Descendant. When the secondary progressed Sun hits an angle it usually indicates a period in which the person with shine and feel empowered. However, in Allen’s natal horoscope Saturn sits close to the Descendant so the progressed Sun is also activating that placement.

Saturn is generally thought to represent the judgment of authority figures, the law and society. However, it can also be taken to mean the judgment of fate. Saturn aspects, particularly Saturn Cycle aspects, often create situations in which the sins we’ve committed in the past come back to haunt us. The Mars transit that is currently impacting Allen’s horoscope will pass in a few days, but this secondary progressed aspect is going to be around for years. So while the filmmaker will probably weather the current storm of public criticism, the judgment of fate is going to be with him for a long while.