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Following the Moon Jan. 16, 2018

The last Full Moon (on Jan. 1) was a humdinger. We had the opposition of the Sun and Moon forming the spine of a kite formation which involved nearly every planet on the chart. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I predicted that we would see a lot of activity from this chart, and we did. On top of tense budget negotiations in Congress, we had the release of Michael Wolff’s book on the White House and Trump’s “shithole” remark, and that’s just the highlights.

However, I also said that, since Neptune seemed to be the dominant planet in the system, this activity would, in the end, amount to very little. Sure there was scandal (such as news of hush money paid to a former porn star by Trump’s attorney.) And there were claims and counter claims (such as the Senators and Representatives who were all in the same room with Donald Trump but came out with different stories about what they had heard.) However, now that the smoke is clearing we see that very little has really changed.

The budget negotiations are still going on. Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” caused a lot of both but, except for ending Trump’s friendship with Steve Bannon, its effect on the Trump White House has been negligible. Basically, the book confirmed what Trump’s detractors already knew and what his supporters absolutely refuse to believe. The same goes for Trump’s categorization of Haiti and the nations of Africa as “shithole” countries. If you needed that remark to convince you that Donald Trump is a racist, you haven’t been paying attention.

The New Moon of Jan. 16 promises another two week period full of changes, but these changes are more likely to make a difference. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) In this chart the Sun and Moon are square Uranus. At the same time, Mars sextiles the Sun and Moon and forms a quincunx to Uranus. So, even thought the New Moon takes place in stodgy Capricorn, there is a strong Mars/Uranus, Aries/Aquarius vibe going on. This will be a period of bold actions, strident conflict and stubborn idealism. There is the potential for violence though, since the aspect between Mars and Uranus is a quincunx, it would come for an unexpected source.

Venus is also strongly represented in this chart. It is conjunct the Sun and Moon and shares their aspects to Mars and Uranus. Women are likely to be major actors in what comes out of this chart. Since the New Moon is in the Fifth House, it would appear that the entertainment industry will somehow figure prominently in this action.

With the deadline for a budget agreement bearing down, this chart indicates that there could be a government shutdown. If a budget is passed, then it is likely to have provisions that result in large protests. The Mueller investigation, which hasn’t made much noise of late, is likely to also be a factor. We might see more indictments or important movement in that process. That’s just the stuff we can predict from the current situation. When Uranus is active there are always surprising development and occurrences that seem to come out of nowhere.

It would appear then, that our January roller-coaster ride is going to continue. It will probably extend to matters beyond politics. This period will also likely feature more dramatic weather events and natural calamities. So, batten down the hatches and get ready for interesting times.

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