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Donald Trump vs. Michael Wolff

Like just about every astrologer in the western world, I took a glance at the chart of Michael Wolff last week. (A partial glance. Since we do not have a time of birth I did a chart for noon on Wolff’s date of birth. Click on Michael Wolff to see the horoscope.) What I found was pretty much what you would expect. A Virgo Sun sign with Mercury, Virgo’s ruler and the planet of writers and gossip, strongly aspected. However, the real fun started when I compared the Wolff’s chart to that of the man he has so profoundly irritated, Donald Trump.

The results were not anything that I had expected. Instead of indications of antipathy I saw happy Jupiter in Wolff’s chart conjunct the Sun in Trump’s and opposed to his Moon. On top of this, loving Venus in Wolff’s chart is only a degree and a half away from Trump’s natal Venus. Looking at these aspects, my first thought was “OMG, these two should be dating.”

There are a few less than congenial aspects. Mercury in Wolff’s chart is close to Trump’s compative Mars and Wolff’s Mars is sextile Trump’s Uranus, but aspects like these only add spice to a relationship. They indicate passing conflicts that have a good chance of ending in great make-up sex. Seriously, if this couple had come to me requesting advice on whether or not to marry I would have fronted them the money for a license.

Of course, that’s not the case with Michael Wolff and Donald Trump. Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury has become a PR nightmare for the Trump administration, confirming much that his opponents had already assumed about his presidency and destroying Trump’s relationship with the man who, until recently, had been his personal junkyard dog, Steve Bannon. Instead of a beautiful relationship, we have two men, both with questionable backgrounds, trading blows on TV news shows and each calling the other a liar.

The general opinion seems to be that there are parts of Wolff’s book that do not match the facts. Of course, the same has been said about multiple statements made by Donald Trump. In fact, the compatibility between these two men seems to go beyond just the connections between their horoscopes. They really are two of a kind. Both are supremely confident operators who know how the use innuendo and half-truths to capture the attention of the media.

I don’t image that Wolff’s book, for all of its provocative revelations and accusations, is going to bring down the Trump administration. Trump’s supporters will dismiss it as “fake news” and for his detractors it will be just more fuel for the fire. Nonetheless, you have to appreciate the irony of a president who has relied so much on the public’s appetite for spectacle and scandal having to defend himself from an author who specializes in same thing.

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