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Following the Moon: Jan. 1, 2018

For the past couple of months I’ve been exploring the notion that charts done for Washington D.C on the New and Full Moons can give us strong indications of what is in store for the U.S. during the two weeks that follow.

The chart for the last New Moon, on Dec. 18, was strikingly quiet, especially when compared to some of the lunation chart we had earlier in the year. (Click here to see that article.) From what I’ve seen, the past two weeks have been relatively uneventful. The Christmas holiday had something to do with this, but the news during this period seemed to have focused on localized tragedies like derailed trains and house fires, instead of threats to our democracy or intimations of nuclear war.

Uranus was trine to the Sun and Moon in the Dec. 18 chart, which indicates changes. The Republican tax overhaul that the President signed during this period will certainly bring major changes to our economy, and to the lives of a lot of middle and working class Americans. But, since the aspect was a trine, no one was shocked when Trump signed the bill. The only thing odd about it was the fact that Trump didn’t make a big production of the signing, but instead did the deed as he hurried out the door on his way to Mar-a-lago.

The Full Moon chart for Jan. 1 is also dominated by easy aspects, but I think it holds the potential for a little more drama. (Click here to see the horoscope.) The most obvious aspect in the chart is the placement of Venus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. This indicates that matter pertaining to women will be a central issue. We might see another high-profile sexual abuse scandal or legislation that impacts women’s issues. Another possibility is that a previously unknown woman will gain national attention during this period.

This opposition of the Moon to the Sun and Venus forms the central axis of what is called a “kite” formation of planets in this horoscope. Neptune and Mars form a Grand Trine with the Moon and sextile both Venus and the Sun. This is a complex arrangement and promises to create a lot of shifting and uncertainty. There will be action (Mars is conjunct Jupiter) but the effectiveness of those actions will be difficult to determine.
We can also expect Neptune to be a primary player during the next two weeks. It forms a trine to the Moon and a sextile to the Sun that are almost exact. When Neptune is active, there are always questions that defy definite answers. Scandal is a possibility, but since the aspects are positive I think that any trend of this sort will be more a matter of rumor than fact. Neptune is all about emotion and appearances and when it holds sway the perception of impropriety or wrong-doing often carries more weight than any rational argument.

I’m thinking that the Mueller investigation is likely to be at the center of this Neptune action. Efforts by President Trump and his supporters to cast the Russia probe as a partisan uprising are going to cloud whatever findings the special prosecutor produces. I also feel that the next couple of months are going to be crucial to this investigation, and that there is going to significant movement. However, with Neptune playing a significant role, it looks like the next couple of weeks will be more about posturing than clear results.

On the positive side, Neptune also emphasizes compassion and belief. If nothing else, this two week period should increase our awareness that it is not politics, but kindness to our fellow humans and faith in the ultimate rightness of the universe that really matter.

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