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Following the Moon 12/18/2017fullMoon

For I while now I have been exploring the theory that horoscopes drawn for the New and Full Moons can predict events that occur during the two week periods that follow those events. The last Full Moon was on Dec. 3. That chart featured a dramatic arrangement of aspects involved Neptune square the Sun and Moon and Mars opposite Uranus. (Click here to see that article and the chart.)

I thought that the square by Neptune to the Sun and the Moon would stir up a lot of emotional energy and have people acting in a non-rational manner. Looking forward to the special election in Alabama, I was fearful that this would help Roy Moore. As it turned out it was an emotional reaction on the other side of the equation that tipped the election: Republicans who put decency ahead of political strategy and wrote in alternate candidates and Democrats, particularly black women, who said “hell no” to the idea of putting an accused pedophile in the Senate.

I think the quincunx to Jupiter was also a factor. The beneficence of Jupiter obviously does not belong to just one political party, but a lot of Republicans, even Republicans who were cautious about criticizing Moore, were glad that he was not elected. Even with another Democrat in the Senate, Republicans still have a majority and this way Republican Senators don’t have to hide in a cloakroom to avoid having their picture taken along side Roy Moore. So, in this case, Jupiter brought good tiding to both political parties and to a majority of Americans.

I wrote that the opposition of Mars to Uranus was likely to bring about shocking developments in the political realm. Having a Democrat elected in Alabama certainly fits that description, but there was another event that I think was even more in keeping with this aspect. That was Trump’s announcement that the U.S. was moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. This was a controversial decision that is bound to have repercussion on relations between the U.S. and the Muslim world. Mars is in the Ninth House of foreign affairs in that Full Moon chart and Uranus always brings change, and controversy.

Now, let’s move on to today’s New Moon chart. (Click on New Moon 12/18/2017 to see the horoscope.) The first thing you see, even if you know nothing about astrology, is that there is a lot less red in this chart than in the last Full Moon chart. In fact, the only “hard” aspect is a relatively wide square between retrograde Mercury and Neptune. The Sun and Moon are in the Third House and the only strong aspect to them is a trine from Uranus.

Over all, I think this chart predicts a relatively calm two week period. The prominence of Uranus does indicate change, but the “shock and awe” factor of this planet will be subdued. For example, President Trump will probably be presented with the new tax bill this week. This bill will make huge changes in the economy of this country. However, no one will be surprised when Trump signs it.

In my study of New and Full Moon charts I have looked at just about every one for the past year. This is probably the most peaceful horoscope that I’ve seen. It would seem that the universe is letting us off the hook for the holiday season. At least we can hope that that is the case.

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