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Omarosa Is Out

I have to admit that I have not followed the career of Omarosa Manigault. I only began to pay attention to her when she became the latest “house guest” to be voted out of Donald Trump’s Big Brother White House. However, once I started reading about her my first conclusion was that this woman, noted for her confrontational, take-no-prisoners style, had to have either a heavy Aries or Mars influence.

When I ran a chart for her (click on Omarosa Manigault to see a chart done for noon on her birthday) I was not disappointed. Manigault has the Sun in Aquarius in a strong square aspect to Mars. This is the signature of a fighter. With the Sun in Aquarius, there is always going to be a cool operator behind all of this aggression. This makes Manigault a very crafty fighter.

What is also interesting about this chart is the Moon is in Cancer. Aquarians with a Cancer Moon typically keep their revolutionary tendencies under wraps, but (as I say of them in my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon) “, when you do decide to be controversial, you often go to extremes. Your defiance is expressed in ways that are deeply personal . . .”.

There is always a degree of confusion with this combination of the Sun and Moon. The person wants to maintain an intellectual distance but the Moon in Cancer won’t allow this. Again, quoting Father Sun, Mother Moon:  “ . . .your feelings of insecurity, fear and anger are not so easily tamed. They will continue to flare up at the most inopportune times — particularly when you are troubled . . .”

Apparently, this is what happened when Manigault learned that she was being let go. Rumors leaking out of the White House indicate that she attempted to enter the residence to talk to Donald Trump directly and had to be escorted out by security. This would be embarrassing for anyone, but particularly for an Aquarian. Nothing bothers an Aquarius person more than being forced to lose his or her cool.

Of course, that’s only a rumor, but the transits impacting Manigault’s chart Tuesday emphatically emphasized Mars. Transiting Mars was trine her Mercury yesterday while transiting Pluto has been trine her natal Mars for some time now. The combination of these transits and Manigault’s natal Mars aspect would have made going quietly extremely difficult.

There was one other significant transit hitting Manigault’s chart yesterday. Saturn is opposed to her natal Saturn, one of the crucial stops in her Saturn Cycle. These are the aspects that typically represent turning points in a person’s life. Al Franken had a similar Saturn Cycle aspect in his chart when allegations of sexual impropriety derailed his political career. Like Franken, Manigault is going to have deal with her mistakes and limitations and find a new way forward.

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