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Pluto in Pursuit

Jared Kushner might think that the heated breath he feels on the back of his neck belongs to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, but it’s really coming from Pluto. We can’t be too precise about the dates because we don’t have a time of birth for Kushner, but sometime between January and April 2018 Pluto will complete a conjunction to his natal Sun. As I pointed out in a previous article (click on “Is Jared Kushner too Pretty for Prison?” to see that article) Pluto transits tend to be less than pleasant, and one of the circumstances with which they are associated is an encounter with a power beyond your control.

Some people seem to think that, in Jared’s case, that power will be coming from the criminal justice system.  Not only did Kushner withhold information when he filed for security clearance last year, his name has been linked to Michael Flynn’s in connection with Flynn’s dealings with Russia. Now that Flynn has apparently “flipped” and is working with the Mueller investigation, there is growing anticipation that Kushner will be the next person in Trump’s team to hear his name called by the special prosecutor.

Adding to Kushner’s troubles in the immediate future is the passage of Saturn over his natal Venus. This in itself is not necessarily an awful transit. It typically brings challenges to the way we relate to others, but those challenges can often help mature and stabilize a relationship. However, when we consider this Saturn transit in the context of his Pluto aspect, what we have is a double-barreled blast from two of astrology’s heaviest hitters. Things are about to get very serious in Jared Kushner’s life during the next week or so.

The situation isn’t any better in Kushner’s secondary progressed chart. Again, without a time of birth, it’s impossible to be precise, but in that chart both the Sun and Mercury (which is retrograded in secondary progression) are square to Kushner’s natal Uranus. This indicates a period of radical change and sudden, surprising turns. It is also an aspect that could lead to rash acts and the breaking of long-standing relationships. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Kushner would turn on his father-in-law, but he’s a Capricorn and even when they’re going crazy, Capricorn’s tend to react with strong sense of self-preservation.

Without a time of birth there is much of Jared Kushner’s horoscope that we cannot see. It could be that he has some positive things going on that would offset all this heavy, disruptive action. However, that would have to be a pretty striking arrangement. Even if Kushner manages to get through the Saturn conjunction to his Venus (which is going to a very quick passage) there are at least a dozen other transits coming his way during the next three or four months that could act as triggers and bring Pluto’s weighty paw down on his shoulders.