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Following the Moon (Part Two)fullMoon

Recently I’ve been looking at the ways in which the New and Full Moons can predict events that occur during the two week periods that follow them. The last New Moon was on Nov. 18 and I noted that it was a particularly ominous indicator for the United States, with the Sun and Moon conjunct in the First House and Mars square Pluto. (Click here to see the complete article.)

I’m happy to say that none of my more dire fears about this Moon, such as an assassination or terrorist attack against the U.S.) came to pass, however I did mention the Republican tax plan which narrowly passed on Friday. Mars in that New Moon chart is in the 11th House, which as to do with loyalty to friends, associates and political parties, and Pluto is in the Second House of finance. The bill passed the Senate mainly because Republicans who were wavering were called to show their loyalty to the party and its impact on the nation’s economy, particular the deficit, is going to be enormous.

There is debate as whether or not this tax bill will benefit the economy or just enrich the elite “one percent” and further shrink the middle class, but there is no debate about the scary implications of the second event that came of out this New Moon. That was another missile test by North Korea. This last missile went higher and stayed aloof longer than any of their earlier tests, bringing Kim Jong Un closer to his goal of being on an equal footing with the U.S. in terms of the ability to kill millions of people with one blow. This was definitely a power play, very much is keeping with Mars square Pluto.

Yesterday’s Full Moon also presents us with a lot of to talk about. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) The Sun in this chart is in the Tenth House, having to do with authority, and the Moon is in the Fourth, signifying home. Both are in a nearly exact square to Neptune, which is strongly placed in its natural sign, Pisces. To me this indicates scandal and irrational behavior. The fact that Jupiter is also involved in the aspect (semi-sextile the Sun, quincunx the Moon and trine Neptune) adds a tendency toward over-confidence and brings religion and philosophy into the discussion.

That’s just the beginning with this Full Moon chart. We also have a close opposition between Mars and Uranus and a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn. I see the first aspect as indicative of shocking developments in the political arena, and the latter as signaling serious discussions and profound criticism involving some important issue.  Given that the Mueller investigation seems to be gaining momentum, the surprising developments might well involve more high level indictments. Since Mars in involved we might also see politically inspired violence. I think the serious discussion and reevaluation of our thinking will likely involve the current string of sexual harassment complaints and the role of women and men in our society.

One significant event that is scheduled to take place during the next two weeks in the special election is Alabama for its vacant Senate seat. The prominence of Neptune in this Full Moon chart reminds me of the New Moon chart just before the 2016 presidential election in which Neptune was in a close trine with the Sun and Moon. Could this be a repeat of 2016? Could Roy Moore surprise everyone and have many reaching for their barf bags by winning the special election? With this chart, I can’t rule out the possibility.

Regardless of what happens in Alabama, this next two week period is going to feature a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and maybe a few gut-flipping loops. It is going to be a trying period, not just for our leaders, but for all of us. Another thing that is associated with Neptune is compassion, and this chart could also mean that during this period we as Americans will be challenged to choose between compassion for all and the vagaries of prejudice and belief.

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