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And Here We Go AgainLauerMattImage

When I read about Matt Lauer being fired from his job on the "Today" show because of allegation of sexual improprieties I, of course, looked at his chart. (Click on Matt Lauer to see a partial horoscope for him done for noon on his birthday.) And, of course, I found that his natal Mars is square to Pluto, one of those “monster aspects” that I’ve written about so frequently on these pages.

I haven’t looked at the chart of every man accused during the past few weeks of using a position of power to make inappropriate sexual advances (Who has the time?), but so far four of the one’s I have looked at (Harvey Weinstein,Kevin Spacey,Roy Moore and now Matt Lauer) have a conjunction, square or opposition between Mars and Pluto in their horoscope. I’d say that we have evidence of a trend.

When I call these aspects “monster aspects” I don’t mean to imply that everyone with this aspect is a “monster”. As I have pointed out in previous articles, I have this square in my chart, as do some of my friends, and (with the exception of an occasional Full Moon) we do not act like monsters. As I have also pointed out in previous articles, strong aspects between Mars and Pluto indicate toughness, resiliency and an iron-clad determination to get to the truth. Even the so-called “bad” aspect between these planets can have positive influences.

The problem with Mars aspects to Pluto, particularly the hard aspects, is that will-power can become ruthlessness and toughness a disregard for social and moral norms. People with these aspects have moments when they have absolutely no regard for what other people might think of their actions, moments in which they are willing to go to even self-destructive extremes. When they choose to act in these moments they will do things that offend people.

I should add the transiting aspects that are currently operating in Lauer's horoscope. Saturn is conjunct his natal Mercury and today transiting Mercury moved into a conjunction with both. This is an aspect of bad news. I think we can all agree that Matt Lauer got some bad news.

This is where the “monster” quality comes in. Despite the examples I’ve cited here, sex is not always the issue.  I’ve also written about Donna Brazile, who has the square in her chart. She didn’t have to write a book critical of the way that the Clinton campaign interacted with the Democratic National Committee. A lot of democrats would have preferred that she hadn’t. But she was willing to disregard that disapproval, willing to take on the “monster” role, in order to tell her story.

I hope that I will never have to write about this “monster” aspect again, but given the willingness of women to now call out sexual abusers and the apparent pervasiveness of that abuse, it is a faint hope.  As we saw with the horoscope of Charlie Rose, this behavior can come out of different astrological factors. There are a lot of ways in which a man (or a woman) can become a monster. However, the Mars-to-Pluto connections seem to the prevalent trend.