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The Downfall of Charlie Rose

I have to admit that I was a little relieved when I looked at the horoscope of Charlie Rose and did not see a Mars-to-Pluto aspect. That would have been boring, and astrology is never boring.

Mars-to-Pluto aspects (which we saw in the charts of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Roy Moore) often have to do with the combination of sex and power. The situation in the horoscope of Charlie Rose, however, is quite different. Here we see a situation which seems to scream animosity toward women.

In Rose’s chart (click on Charlie Rose to see the horoscope) we have a T-square with Saturn squaring both Venus and the Moon, which are opposed. Venus and the Moon, of course, are prime symbols of women. Saturn represents the judge, and since the aspects are squares, it is a disapproving judge. Taken together, the aspect describes a man who would have great difficulty getting close to women, who might see women as somehow “less than”, an impediment or simply as objects of desire.

No one should assume that such an arrangement always results in a sexual predator.  There are several other factors in Rose’s horoscope that support the toxic quality of this T-square. The judgmental quality of Saturn in this chart is increased by the fact that Rose is a Capricorn (Saturn’s sign) by Sun sign. Also, he has masculine Mars strongly placed in Aries (its sign) and in the Tenth House. Mars makes a sneaky semi-sextile to Uranus which adds a touch of kinkiness to his sexuality.

The interesting thing is that for years people have been watching Charlie Rose on TV interacting with his two female co-anchors without a hitch. Where was this woman-hating aspect then?

 Well, Rose has Cancer Rising with Mercury opposite on the Descendant. Cancer is a feminine sign and men with Cancer Rising often get on well with women. In fact, there is a “needy” quality about Cancer Rising that some women find particularly attractive. Mercury is all about communication, which was Rose’s job, but Mercury is also a chameleon. It adapts it communicative powers to fit the prevailing situation.

All these things were going on in Rose’s outer personality and (as a broadcaster on TV) his outer personality was all we saw when the cameras were on. That’s why his co-anchors and other women who worked with him on air were initially shocked at the revelations of Roses misbehavior. After a while, however, some of them were able to recall hints of Rose’s negative attitude toward women that, at the time, they had overlooked.

For the timing of these revelations, we have to look at Rose’s secondary progressed horoscope. For a while now Rose’s progressed Sun has be opposed to his Neptune. The progressed Sun is in the Ninth House, which has to do with broadcasting, while Neptune is associated with scandal and “icky” situations. The trigger aspect is a little surprising. Rose’s secondary progressed Moon and Mars are both square to his secondary progressed Mercury, which is in the Eight House, the sector in which sex and secrets often mingle. I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to aspects between progressed planets, but this one has proved to be a powerful indicator.