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Following the MoonfullMoon

In recent weeks I have been studying charts done for the New and Full Moons. The theory is that these charts predict the events that occur during the two weeks that follow the lunar event. This has been particularly good this year for this kind of research because, in case you haven’t noticed, we live in times in which it seems a new scandal or shocking occurrence crops up every few days.

A recent example is the chart for the Full Moon on Nov. 4. I did the chart for Washington D.C. with the notion that it would reflect events that impact the United States. (Click on Nov. 4 Full Moon to see the chart.) The Moon in this Full Moon chart is in the Ninth House. Uranus is also placed in the Ninth and it forms an all but exact opposition to Venus. The Ninth House is associated with Jupiter and I think of it as the House of political ideology and government.

So what’s happened since that Full Moon? The sexual abuse scandals that had been rocking the entertainment industry moved to the political realm. On Nov. 9 the story about Roy Moore’s pursuit of underage girls while he was a district attorney hit the media. In the days that followed more accusers came forward. Then on Nov. 16 we had the revelation of Al Franken’s bad behavior with a woman during a 2006 U.S.O. tour.

It seems to me, from my very basic research, that the house occupied by the Moon in these charts describes the area of life that will be most impacted, while the closest aspect other than the Full or New Moon describes the action. In this chart we have both the Moon and Uranus in a house that relates strongly to politics, and the aspect is between Uranus and Venus. Uranus means disruption and shocking developments. Venus is associated both with sex and women. The symbolism is pretty direct.

I’ve done a lot of these charts and they often predict what is going to happen with amazing accuracy. However, they are not perfect. For example, on Nov. 5, the day after the Full Moon, a gunman shot up a church near San Antonio, Texas, killing 26.  Mars in this Full Moon chart makes no aspect. The chart seems to say a lot about sex but little about violence.

That brings me to the New Moon chart for Nov. 18. (Click on 11/18 New Moon to see the horoscope.) Again, I set the chart for Washington, D.C. In this chart the conjunction of the Sun and Moon is in the First House. The First House is personal. It is about you and your body. In the context of world events it would seem to describe an event that would have an important impact on the health and character of the United States.

The aspect is a square between Mars and Pluto. I’ve recently talked a lot about this aspect in natal horoscopes. In a mundane chart such as this one the meaning is somewhat different but it still has to do with power and the potential for violence. Looking at this chart the first thing I thought of was an assassination or an attempted assassination. Another possibility is massive protests or a terrorist attack. Also, the fact that Pluto is in the Second House of money makes me wonder if financial institutions might be attacked.

There are many other, less cataclysmic, possibilities, including the passage of the tax bill the Republicans are proposing (which seems intended to give huge tax cuts to the rich and powerful). Still, this New Moon chart has me on edge. So, you can bet that when I'm eating my turkey this Thanksgiving, I'll also be watching the news.

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