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Evolutionary Astrology is a type of astrology that incorporates the basic ideas of reincarnation into the reading of a horoscope.  According to evolutionary astrologers many (if not al) of the problems we are facing in this life have their roots in experiences we had and decisions we made in past lives. In order to solve these problems and progress to a higher state of consciousness we have to confront our past life issues and the karma they represent.

In Evolutionary Astrology the Nodes of the Moon play an important role. (If you are unfamiliar with this term, click on Getting to Know Your Nodes to see an explanation.) Essentially, the South Node represents a person’s past life while the North Node symbolizes the direction in which you need to move in this life. Though everybody wants to go in the positive direction indicated by the North Node, the feature of Evolutionary Astrology that seems to fascinate most people is the South Node. After all, who doesn’t want to hear about their past lives?

I certainly share this fascination. I have attended multiple workshops and read several books on subjects related to evolutionary astrology. I particularly enjoyed Steven Forrest’s Yesterday’s Sky, in which he describes how we can weave the placement of and aspect to the South Node into a complex story describing a past life. The problem is, given the multi-faceted nature of astrological symbolism, every placement or aspect can tell several different stories. Who is to say which is the right one?

A friend of mine (Samantha Doane-Bates) practices hypnotherapy. She specializes in taking people back to past life experiences through hypnosis. In her book, The Light of Roses, Samantha describes the healing effect that reliving events from past lives can have. I have complete confidence that the positive results Samantha cites are factual. I also recognized that if the process helps people, it doesn’t really matter if the events her clients are remembering really happened or not. However, part of me still wants to see independent verification of those events.

Obviously, given these reservations, I don’t call myself an evolutionary astrologer. I love the idea of using the horoscope to tell the story of a person’s life, but I prefer to limit those stories to events and experiences that can be verified in the here-and-now. Still, I remain intrigued by Evolutionary Astrology and occasionally include some of its techniques into my own work. For example, in Evolutionary Astrology a planet conjunct the Moon describes the type of person you were in a past life. Donald Trump’s South Node is conjunct the Moon, indicating that he was last incarnated as a woman. Do you think he’s going to have some explaining to do next time around?

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