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Roy Moore and the “Monster” Aspect

Okay, now this is getting spooky. For awhile now I’ve been writing about the influence of hard aspects between Mars and Pluto. I’ve pointed out that people who are labeled by the public as “monsters” for one reason or another often have one of these aspects in their horoscope. Recently I’ve written about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, who have been labeled monsters because of sexual abuse. I also wrote about Donna Brazile, who became a monster to some Democrats when she criticized Hillary Clinton. (To see the articles on these people, click on the names.)

So, today I decided to write about the Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore. He’s been in the news for months because of his homophobic, ultra-right wing opinions, but yesterday he gained new fame when it was alleged in an article in the Washington Post that he had made sexual advances to an underage girl. So, I run a chart for noon on Moore’s birthday and what do I find? Mars opposed to Pluto, of course. See what I mean. Spooky! (Click on Roy Moore to see the partial horoscope.)

As I have said previously, there is nothing inherently “monstrous” about these aspects. In fact, connections between Mars and Pluto, particularly squares and oppositions, typically provide for extraordinary resolve and toughness. It’s just that an excess of toughness sometime overrules compassion, and when carried to extremes, resolve can appear more like ruthlessness. There is also a possibility with this aspect of an unhealthy interplay of sex and power. If the allegations against Moore are true, and it seems likely that they are, that would seem to be what happened in this case.

Even before yesterday’s revelation, Roy Moore and his extreme views represented a problem for the Republican Party. Now, various Republican leaders are calling for him to quit the race. Unfortunately, one of the attributes of Mars oppose Pluto is a tendency to bull your way through regardless of who gets hurt.  People with this aspect sometimes have self-destructive urges. To their minds it’s better to crash and burn in dramatic fashion than to admit defeat.

The fact that Moore is an Aquarius by Sun sign doesn’t help. There is a tendency to think of Aquarius as a “liberal” sign, but Ronald Reagan was an Aquarius, as is Dick Cheney, Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin. What matters to Aquarians are their principles. It makes no difference whether  those principles came from the right or the left, Aquarians will hold fast to them no matter what.  Moore’s principles might seem extreme and woefully outdated to a lot of people, but there’s virtually no chance that he will meekly walk away from them.

Given that Alabama is a Republican stronghold, it seems likely that Roy Moore will be elected to the Senate. During its two hundred year plus history the U.S. Senate has housed its share of rogues, but I do believe that Moore would be the first accused child molester to take a seat.  So this would be yet another historic event in what has been a year full of historic events. We live in interesting times. And, apparently, also in an age monsters.


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