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Donna Brazile and the “Monster” AspectBrazileDonnaImage

Recently I’ve written articles about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and allegations of sexual harassment. (Click on Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey to see the articles.) In those articles I pointed out that both these men had hard aspects between Mars and Pluto in their horoscopes, aspects that I have dubbed “monster” aspects because they appear frequently in the charts of people who are, for various reasons, labeled as such by the public.  But there are many different ways to become a “monster”.

In her book Hacks, Donna Brazile revealed that the campaign of Hillary Clinton had an inordinately close relationship with the Democratic National Committee. Even though none of the dealings that Brazile cites were illegal and she is careful to note that the primaries contests between Clinton and Bernie Sanders were not “fixed”, her allegations have caused consternation among Hillary supporters and Democrats in general. They see her claims as self-serving and as providing cover for the Trump administration at a time when the Mueller investigation seems to be making progress.

Being a Sun sign Sagittarius (click here to see a chart done for noon on Brazile’s birthday) Brazile makes no apologies for saying what she believes. Sagittarians speak the truth, or at least their version of the truth, regardless of whose toes might be in the way, and Brazile has the Sun and three planets in that forthright sign. Brazile also has Mars square Pluto, the same aspect that we saw in the horoscope of Harvey Weinstein. Though none of her critics are comparing Brazile’s actions to those of Weinstein, they do see something monstrous in her refusal to hold to the party line.

As I said, there are many ways to be judged a monster in the eyes of the public. In previous articles on this subject and I pointed out Mars-to-Pluto aspects in the horoscopes of mass murderers and serial killer. But there are more benign examples, such as Rush Limbaugh (who has the opposition).  More than once in years past, things that Limbaugh has said on his radio show have been labeled as “monstrous” by his detractors.  Other non-violent examples include the Romantic author, Mary Shelley who also has Mars opposed to Pluto in her chart.

As the author of Frankenstein, or a Modern Prometheus, Shelley seems to have taken the monster inside her and made it real. However, that wasn’t the only way this aspects worked in Shelley’s life. When she married the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary was ostracized by polite English society. The couple spent their married life moving from one place to another all across Europe. Then, after the Percy died at the age of 29, rumors that Mary had been “cold” toward him during the last years of his life caused his many of his enamored fans to castigate Mary for not being a worthy mate for such a genius. (Interesting, Courtney Love, the wife of Kurt Cobain, who had a similar experience with his fans, has Mars square Pluto in her chart.)

So, like so many things in astrology, Mars-to-Pluto aspects have many faces, many monstrous faces. And some of the monsters that have these aspects are not really that monstrous. The fact that Donna Brazile’s book is exacerbating a split in the Democratic Party at a time when the party is already in distress might make her seem like a monster to some, but the power that she is exercising, free speech, is one that is granted to all Americans by the constitution. Those who feel that she is using that power thoughtlessly, or just to sell books need to take a step back. There are a lot worse monsters out there, and not all of them have Mar-to-Pluto aspects.

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