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Kevin Spacey and the “Monster” Aspect

Of the many men caught in the ever growing web of sexual abuse allegations, the two biggest names to emerge are Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. I wrote about Harry Weinstein a while back in article titled Harvey Weinstein and the “Monster” Aspect. (Click here to see that article.) Interestingly enough, Kevin Spacey has a similar aspect in his horoscope.

The horoscope I’m using for Kevin Spacey has an unusual and rather dubious origin. In the movie K-Pax the character played by Spacey states that he was born on July 27 (Spacey's actual birthday) at 5:51 AM. We have no idea where he got that time. It might have been a total fabrication but, because it is so specific, it is tempting to think that it is Spacey’s actual birth time. In any case, the chart is rated “C” meaning that it should be used with caution. (Click on Kevin Spacey to see the horoscope.)

This horoscope places Leo on the Ascendant making Spacey a double Leo.  He is also a Leo by Sun sign and has Mercury conjunct Uranus in that sign. These are all excellent indicators for an entertainer. The fact that Neptune in square his Sun and opposed to his Moon (if the time of birth is correct) supports this tendency. Neptune as to do with glamour and illusion and has a natural affinity for the performing arts. However, Neptune is also associated with a lack of moral boundaries and scandal, and that seems to be the side of the planet’s symbolism that Spacey is currently confronting.

The aspect that I’m most interested in is actually a part of the same system. Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Spacey’s chart and both form a semi-sextile to his Sun and sextile his Neptune. So all four planets are connected by aspects. Saturn gets into the picture by being trine Spacey’s Mars and Pluto and sextile his Neptune.

In my article on Harvey Weinstein I talked about the relationship between Mars and Pluto and domination.  Mars represents raw aggression. It also represents the energy that gets us up in the morning and the competitive spirit that helps us excel, but at its most basic level, Mars is aggression. Pluto is about power. This can the power of self-control, or the power we attain when we are able to truly surrender ourselves to a higher calling. However, all too often it becomes the power of the bully, the obsessive, the manipulator and the tyrant.

 Putting these two planets together, particularly in a hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) it’s easy to see how things could get out of hand.  There is tremendous will-power in this aspect, and a toughness that can sometimes seem superhuman, but when uncontrolled and unenlightened will-power can become intimidation and toughness an utter lack of empathy.

No one can say that Spacey has not used this Mars-to-Pluto conjunction in a positive way. During his career he has excelled at playing characters with a dark side. This dark side contributed greatly to his award winning performance a Frank Underwood in House of Cards, a politician willing to do anything and commit any crime in order to attain power. I doubt if his portrayal of Underwood would have been nearly compelling if he didn’t have the “monster” aspect to draw upon.

Unfortunately, Spacey was unable to limit the influence of this conjunction to his professional life. According to multiple allegations, he allowed the dark elements of Mars and Pluto, the obsession with power, control and domination to invade his personal life. The result was a lot of pain for the objects of his desire and, ultimately, the destruction of his career.

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