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Can Mueller Derail the Trump Train

Long before yesterday, when Bob Mueller released his first indictments in the Russian investigation, people were predicting that Donald Trump would never complete his four year term, that he would be either impeached or removed via the 25th Amendment before 2020. With the Mueller indictments those predictions (and is some circles, prayers) have grown louder. However, after looking closely at what’s going on in Trump’s horoscope, I’m not so sure.

One reason I’m not foreseeing an early exit for President Trump is that the hard aspects to his Sun and Moon by Saturn are very much on the wane. These aspects, which became active since June, have certainly represented a rough patch for the President. During this period he’s averaged a new scandal or gaff every few days and he has more than affirmed all of the flaws in his character. And yet, his core of supporters has not diminished, and (with just a few notable exceptions) Republicans in the House and Senate have remained silent.

It is always possible that something Trump did, or something that was discovered during the period covered by his Saturn transits will bear fruit later. This is what happened to Bill Clinton in 1998. In August of that year, with Saturn square its natal place, he admitted in a deposition to lawyers working for Kenneth Starr that he had had an improper “physical” relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Since this contradicted testimony Clinton had given earlier in the Paula Jones case, Starr decided that it constituted perjury.  This charge led to the impeachment proceedings against Clinton that began in Dec. long after the Saturn transit had ended.

However, in Clinton’s case, secondary progressed aspects played a big role. As the Saturn aspect in his chart was weakening, his secondary progressed Mars was moving into a square aspect with his natal Pluto and his secondary progresses Saturn was closing in on an exact conjunction with his natal Mercury. The Mars-to-Pluto aspect describes a person threatened by a greater power. Pluto is the headsman and Mars is the ax in this scenario, while the Saturn-to-Mercury aspect tells us that Clinton’s words would be judged.

The situation in Donald Trump’s secondary progressed chart couldn’t be more different. The aspect that stands out in that chart is the conjunction of Trump’s secondary progressed Venus to his natal Jupiter and trine to his natal Uranus. As I have previously pointed out, the Jupiter-to-Uranus trine in Trump's natal chart is a “good luck” aspect. Trump’s businesses successes have as much (or perhaps more) to do with his good luck as his “deal making” acumen. With his secondary progressed Venus activating this natal “good luck” aspect it seems likely, regardless how many of his minions fall, that Trump will be left standing.  This progressed aspect will be within a degree through 2018 and into 2019.

There are other aspects impacting Trump’s chart in the near future. As transiting Uranus moves backward (retrograde) from its trine to his natal Mars it will square Trump’s Venus. That aspect is going to last until next year. Meanwhile, during the first two weeks of November transiting Saturn will quincunx his Venus.  This double aspect tells me that the Mueller investigation is going to snare some people that Trump really cares about and that there may be some embarrassing revelations with regard to his financial situation. Still, I think that his “good luck” aspect will protect him from any real harm.

I should point out that if I happen to be wrong about all of this there will be no one any happier than myself. It should also be noted that, even though I’m predicting that Trump will last at least through 2018, if not 2020, I’m not saying that the intervening time will be pleasant for him. Nonetheless, it seems to me that some force in the universe has decided that Trump’s attempt to divide this country and turn the Republican Party into the (White) America First Party has not reached its ultimate conclusion. To see what that conclusion will look like we are probably going to have to stay tuned until 2020.