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The Neptune in Aquarius Generation and Their ScreensNeptuneAquaius

Over the past year or so I’ve written about the generation born with Neptune in Aquarius several times. This is a generation born between around 1996 and 2011. I’ve talked about how they make up half of the refugees coming into Europe from Africa and the Middle East, how they are becoming the backbone of the resistance movement against Vladimir Putin in Russia and how in the U.S. they are changing how we think about sexual orientation. (Click on the highlighted words to see the articles.) However, not everyone sees this generation in a positive light.

In an article in The Atlantic (Sept. 2017) Jean M. Twenge, a psychologist who studies generational differences, discusses a generation that he estimated was born after 1995 (the year Neptune made its first tentative steps into Aquarius) and he sounds the alarm about this generation’s addiction to screens. Essentially, Twenge claims that over use of Iphones, Ipads, etc has stunted this generation’s socialization, deprived them of sleep and derailed their drive for independence.

It’s not surprising that a generation born with Neptune in Aquarius would be tuned in to technology.  Neptune shows the hopes, dreams and visions of a generation and Aquarius is the sign of high tech and ultra-modernity. Also, we might expect a Neptune in Aquarius generation to prefer “digital” interactions with people to in-the-flesh encounters. The vision of Aquarius naturally inclines toward the impersonal and could easily skip over emotional issues.

Of course, there’s a downside to living in a digital world. Twenge quotes statistics showing that this generation spends more time alone, is less likely to date, becomes sexually active at a later age and (despite compulsively following the lives of both friends and celebrities) is more likely to feel lonely and left out. There are also statistics that indicate a higher level of suicide attempts by this generation.

Twenge also points out that this generation seems content to remain dependent on their parents. They are less likely to have part time jobs and to start driving at 16. (Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that mom and dad are paying for their internet access.)

I have to admit I was a little disturbed by Twenge’s findings, particularly since I have been touting the courage and innovative thinking of this generation born with Neptune in Aquarius. I have high hopes for them in the future. However, the bottom line is that here we have a non-astrological expert on generational studies whose work intersects almost exactly with both the age range and the symbolism of a generation defined by astrology. I love it when the scientific folks proudly discover something that astrologers have known all along.

In closing I have to repeat the disclaimer I use whenever I write about generational astrology. No one is or should be a perfect representative of his or her generation. If you were born between around 1996 and 2011 and you don’t sleep with you smartphone on the pillow next to you, don’t feel like an oddball. You’re just doing what real Aquarians always do: rebelling against the norm.

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