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Jupiter in ScorpioJupiterSymbol

The entry of one of the outer planets into a new sign has always signaled to astrologers changes in everything from the weather to public perception. Usually, those changes are subtle and take a while to be seen. However, when Jupiter entered Scorpio we saw the exception to that rule. Sudden we had Scorpio all over the place.

It started with Harvey Weinstein. (Click on “Harvey Weinstein and the Monster Aspect” to see my article of Weinstein.) Jupiter had just entered the last degree of Libra when the New York Times exposed the producer’s history of sexual abuse. Five days later the planet passed into Scorpio and by that time the internet was aflame with women coming forward with tales of confrontations with Weinstein, includes some who alleged that he had raped them.

But it didn’t stop there. The “Me Too” hashtag (which was actually developed in 2006) has given thousands of women a way of letting the world know that there are little “Harveys” out there doing their dirty business in every walk of life. The fact that “Me too” has become a social media phenomenon has (hopefully) let these men know that their bad behavior will not be ignored.

On top of that we have reports of action being taken in the Department of the Interior to crack down on prevalent sexual harassment involving employees in our state parks, and a subpoena issued in the case of a woman suing President Trump for all documents related to allegations of sexual assault by Trump. And mind you, we’re just getting started with this transit. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November of next year.

The association of Scorpio with sex dates back to ancient medical astrology in which the sign was given rulership over the generative organs. Scorpio is also associated with power. In most sexual relationships there is a subtle interplay between sexual desire and power. People deal with this in different ways and, for the most part, it functions to deepen intimacy and interdependence.  However, when the need for power overwhelms intimacy, when sex becomes merely a means of having power over another person, that’s when you get the Harveys of this world.

These are the issues we are going to occupy our attention for the next year. Some of them, like rape, sexual abuse and harassment will be clear cut. But I think the transit is also going to take us into areas that are more ambiguous and personal, such as how we should deal with the power exchanges in our own relationships. Scorpio is a subtle sign. It never asks simple questions. Jupiter in Scorpio could be interpreted as “too much sex”, but it could also be read as “too much deep stuff”.  By the time this transit is over, we might be saying both.

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