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Uranus Jump Starts Trump

Astrologers often liken Uranus aspects to an electrical charge. Uranus comes along and, zap, things start happening. Over the past four weeks or so Donald Trump has been subject to a Uranian lightning storm. Uranus is trine his natal Mars, and the results have been electrifying.

Starting with his speech to the U.N., Trump has been trying hard to make his largely ineffective presidency seem active. He started off by trying to goad Kim Jong Un into a war. Then he refused to renew the executive order allowing the children of illegal immigrants born in the United States to stay this country, passed on recertifying the deal brokered by the U.S. and several other countries of keep the lid on Iran’s nuclear program and signed executive orders that essentially crippling Obamacare.

For the last several months Trump’s chart has been under some heavy Saturn aspects. Saturn has been conjunct his Moon and opposed the Sun. When Saturn opposes the Sun it is not unusually for a person to feel stymied, confined and unable to fully express his or her ego. For someone like Trumps, who not only has a huge ego, but also has action-loving Mars prominently placed in his horoscope, this has been a frustrating time.

So along comes Uranus, moving retrograde, to electrify that prominent Mars. Trump had to act. He had to push forward with his agenda, his ego, and make things happen. A lot of people, even people on his side, have questioned all of these recent actions, but when a person is under a Uranus aspect they are not typically very receptive to the voice of caution, or even the voice of reason. The only thing that matters is seeing things change.

 Congress can act to correct Trump’s decisions on D.A.C.A and the Iran deal, though they will have to act quickly. Meanwhile, many of the representatives in this body are going have to face the fallout from the changes wrought in the health insurance market by Trump’s executive orders, as people who have seen their premiums skyrocket and their coverage plummet go the polls in Nov. 2018. And, of course, none of the will matter if Kim takes Donald’s bait and launches a first strike.

Trine aspects are supposed to be “good” aspects, but when you get two planets (like Mars and Uranus) that bring out the worst in each other get together, the positive flow of a trine is less than helpful. We are probably going to see more reckless behavior from Donald Trump in the coming weeks. The aspect will be within a degree through the first week of November. Looking ahead, Uranus turns direct in January and it will trine his Mars again in March 2018, giving our president one more shot at blowing up the world.

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