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Harvey Weinstein and the Monster AspectweinsteinImage

I have to admit I’ve put off looking at the horoscope of Harvey Weinstein. Stories about powerful producers using their position to get sexual favors from young actresses (or actors) have been around since the birth of the movie industry. However, it seems like the Weinstein scandal may become a watershed, so I decided to run the chart (with no time of birth). I wasn’t surprised at what I found.

Weinstein was born with his Sun on or near the last degree of Pisces. (Click on Harvey Weinstein to see the chart.) Unless he was born shortly after midnight, his Moon is in Capricorn. This is not a bad combination for a show biz tycoon. Pisces is an artistic sign and is associated with illusion and glamour, while Capricorn is serious and business-like. So far, so good.

Of course, the next thing I looked at was Weinstein’s Mars Venus combination. He has Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Pisces. In our Mars/Venus Playbook I called this combination “The Pulsating Powerhouse of Passion”. I’m sure that Weinstein would be flattered. However, he obviously didn’t read it because I also wrote “You don’t have to issue edicts or bully in order to dominate a relationship. You do it simply with the power of your emotions . . .”

I also wrote of this Mars/Venus combination: “The problems begin when love ceases to be your aim.” Weinstein’s aim seems to have been lust, and power. Somewhere behind these motivations we might suppose that there was an emotional need, a sense of emptiness. If I had a complete horoscope for Weinstein, I’m sure that indicators of this emotional gap would leap out at me. But even such a need would not excuse his behavior.

The most interesting thing about Weinstein’s chart is the close square between Mars and Pluto. I’ve written about aspects between Mars and Pluto several times over the years. I’ve even called them “monster” aspects. Obviously, this is an overstatement. Not everyone who has an aspect between Mars and Pluto in their chart is a monster. (I hope not, because I have one.) But when you look at the charts of people who have been labeled as monsters by the public, these aspects frequently pop up.

More recent examples of this are Tamerian Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon boomer, James Eagan Holmes, the Denver movie theater shooter, Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, and Eric David Harris the Columbine killer. We can add to this list serial killers like Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz and John Wayne Gacy and a few people who’ve been labeled monsters for less violent reasons, like Rush Limbaugh, known for saying “monstrous” things on his radio show, and Woody Allen, who is still considered a monster by many because of his affair with his lover’s adopted daughter.

What happens when Mars in Pluto come together in a strong aspect, particularly a “hard” aspect, is that power tends to become a major concern in a person’s life. There are many ways in which this concern for power can show itself that do not involved killing people or propositioning pretty actresses.  At their best, contacts between Mars and Pluto are indicators of toughness and inner strength and resolve.  I have no doubt that Harvey Weinstein had some of these qualities. However, when he let that Pluto-Mars lust for power slip into his emotional life, he brought out the worse of that aspect and made himself into what we can only call a monster.

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