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Trump Vs Corker

The key to keeping a good TV show running is introducing new characters and new conflicts at the right time. The reality show that is the Trump administration has displayed great skill in doing this. Just as we begin to tire of Trump’s battle with this or that adversity, a new one always enters the picture. The most recent example of this is Senator Bob Corker.

Corker’s twitter war with Trump has not only highlighted the President’s differences with the so-called Republican establishment, it has also demonstrates the differences between a Sun sign Gemini and a Sun sign Virgo. Trump, being a Gemini , thinks that the most important thing is to keep talking. That way you have control over the agenda. Corker, a Sun sign Virgo, is essentially asserting that talking without making sense is not only pointless, it’s extremely dangerous.

A partial horoscope for Corker done for noon on his birthday (click on Bob Corker to see the chart) shows that his Sun forms a cross sign square to his Mars, so there’s no lack of fight in this guy. The fact that he decided not to run again for the Senate might be taken as a sign of cowardice, since he was likely to face a primary challenge from a more conservative Trumpite. However, it also frees him of any political obligation to the President. Without concern for the next election, Corker can be the combative and critical Virgo he was meant to be.

If you overlay Corker’s partial horoscope on Trump’s you see that Corker’s Sun is almost directly on Trump’s Ascendant. This would be an excellent indicator of compatibility if it didn’t also mean that Corker’s Mars ssquare Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. It is almost as if these two were destined to cross swords. Also, Corker’s Venus in square Trump’s Uranus, so apart from the antipathy indicated by the Mars aspect, he also finds Trump’s manner irritating.

Some people believe that what Corker is saying about President Trump is what a lot of Republicans in Congress are thinking. Unlike Corker, they are going to have to face the Republican electorate at some point in the future and they fear Trump’s power. Be that as it may, what really matters (or at least seems to matter in the current political climate) is that when you get one guy with Mars on his Ascendant (Trump) and another guy with Mars square his Sun (Corker), it makes for some great TV.