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Stephen Paddock RevisitedPaddockImage

On the day after the Las Vegas mass shooting I wrote about the shooter, Stephen Paddock. (Click here to see that article.) At the time all we knew about Paddock was his date of birth. We didn’t even know where he was born. Now we at least know what state in which he was born (Iowa) and a few details about his life. So, let’s take another look as a partial horoscope for him. (Click here to see a revised, partial horoscope for Paddock done for noon in Des Moines.)

On Monday I said the main characteristic of this chart was intensity. I based that on his Aries Sun sign and the many close aspects in the horoscope. Now we know that Paddock was a high stakes gambler. He had developed a system for playing video poker that he felt allowed him to beat the house or at least break even. Breaking even was fine because the casinos “comped” him with free rooms, meals and other perks in order to keep him playing.

Obviously, Paddock wasn’t gambling just for the “comps”. He was addicted to the thrill of winning. This is something we might expect from a Sun sign Aries, particularly one with such a tightly packed horoscope and Mars sextile Uranus. With the Moon in Aquarius, he would have gotten an extra thrill out of “sticking it to the man” when he beat the house.

 As I said in the previous article, with his Venus opposed to Saturn he had trouble giving and receiving affection. Paddock had married and divorced twice. Though some people found him to be friendly in social situations, others reported that he didn’t like talking with people and avoided doing so whenever possible. This aversion to interacting with people is possibly the reason he preferred video poker to playing at the tables.

In the first article I mentioned that the opposition of the Sun to Neptune that we see in Paddock’s chart is often indicative of drug or alcohol addiction. Paddock’s addiction was apparently to gambling. However, there is another factor in his life that this aspect clearly represents. The Sun symbolizes the father while Neptune is associated with scandal. Paddock’s father was a notorious bank robber who was on the F.B.I. “most wanted” list. He was arrest when Paddock was seven and had little or no contact with the family afterwards.

Neptune is also involved in another crucial aspect in this horoscope. It makes a quincunx to Mercury. This aspect is indicative of weird, quirky, delusional thinking, the kind of thinking that would allow a person to call playing video poker for free drinks a “job”.  

Authorities are still searching for a motive behind this shooting. Paddock seems to have been devoid of any strong political or religious beliefs and there is no indication of a recent trauma in his personal life. And yet, there is also evidence that he had been planning an attack like this one for some time. What was he thinking? With Neptune quincunx his Moon, we may never know.

At the present time authorities seem to be pursuing the theory that Paddock might have had an accomplice. It he did, it would surprise me. Even there is much I cannot see in this chart because of the lack of a birth time or even a precise birthplace, what I do see tells me that this guy was the epitome of the lone gunman, way too intense, mentally deluded and devoid of empathy.

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