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Mass Murder in Las Vegas

Once again we Americans prove that we don’t need to import lunatics with guns. We grow our own, thank you. I know that the mass shooting in Las Vegas has not been categorized as a terrorist act, but if a stranger is shooting at you do you really care why he’s doing it. Whether the shooter is working for ISIS or just hates country music, you’re just as terrified either way.

The (alleged) shooter has been identified as Stephen Paddock, born on April 9, 1953. Paddock apparently moved around a lot during his life and we don’t have a place of birth. I did the chart for noon for his last known residence in Mesquite, Nevada. Click on Stephen Paddock the see the chart.

Without a time or even a place of birth, this is far from a precise horoscope. However, even with this limited information it is evident that this is the chart of an intense individual. The horoscope is dominated by a double opposition: Neptune conjunct Saturn opposed to both Venus and the Sun. This aspect is part of a system of aspects that spreads across the entire chart involving Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and possibly the Moon. Interestingly, the only two planets not connected to this system, Mars and Uranus, form an almost exact sextile.

What this means is that this was an individual who was wound a half twist past tight. This wouldn’t necessarily make him a mass murderer, (that was his decision) but it would make him a complex individual, prone to sudden, impulsive actions (Mars sextile Uranus), who had difficulty expressing affection (Venus opposed to Saturn) and possibly substance abuse problems (Sun opposed Neptune).

At the time if the shooting transiting Saturn (at 22Sagittarus19) was square Paddock’s natal Mercury. This in itself is a depressive aspect, but in aspecting Mercury, Saturn was also setting off all of the other aspects in that system. Paddock was an intense individual who life had sudden been made more intense because of a Saturn transit.

For the past week or so, Jupiter has been opposed to Uranus. When Jupiter and Uranus get together the result can be good fortune. However, in opposition this combination can also mean the presumption of good fortune, and feeling lucky is not the same thing as being lucky. This makes me wonder (since it happened in Las Vegas) if Paddock’s actions weren’t in some way connected to gambling losses.

Of course, that is not going to make any difference to the 50 or so people killed last night, or to the hundreds who were wounded or just scared out of their wits. I think we all should take a moment and consider that wall Trump wants to build. Maybe we’re on the wrong side.


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