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Rick Pitino Gets BouncedPitinoImage

I know that given all the misery in today’s world – Puerto Rico, North Korea, Donald Trump, etc – the travails of college basketball hardly seem worthy of note, but I’m a long time fan of the sport and I found yesterday's revelations about “pay-for-play” deals upsetting. In particular, I was struck by the downfall of one of the games most prominent coaches, Rick Pitino.

If you click on Rick Pitino you will see a chart done for 6:01 AM. I arrived at this time through a quick, “meatball” rectification using events cited in his Wikipedia article. Rectification is the process of determining a time of birth when the actual time is unknown or vague. We do this by studying the intersection of events in the person’s life with certain transits and progressions. My rectification of Pitino’s chart is hardly complete, but I think it is at least serviceable.

Even without the rectification, this is an active chart with a triple conjunction of Saturn, Venus and Neptune all square Uranus. My rectified chart places his Moon near the Ascendant square Mars. It also places Mars on the I.C.. Mars on one of the angles is indicative of someone involved in sports.

Whether or not Pitino has Mars on the I.C., he has certainly excelled in the area of sports. Even before he became famous as a coach, he was a standout guard at the University of Massachusetts. As a coach he has the distinction of winning a NCAA Division One Championship with two different schools (the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville). He’s also the only coach to take three different teams into the Final Four.

Pitino’s career has had its low points as well. His tenure as the head coach of the Boston Celtics was particularly dismal. However, more recently it has been matters away from the court that have caused him trouble. In 2009 he was caught up in a scandal when a woman with whom he had had a sexual encounter in a restaurant attempted to blackmail him, and last year a NCAA investigation revealed that some of his assistants were hiring escorts to “entertain” prospective recruits.

Yesterday, after it became clear that Louisville was one of the schools being securitized by the F.B.I. in their investigation of money from shoe companies being illegally funneled to players and their families, Pitino was put on “administrative leave.” Pitino claimed that he had no knowledge of this activity, but since he had used that same excuse last year during the escort service scandal, it did him little good.

What was going on in Rick Pitino’s horoscope yesterday was a square by transiting Neptune to his natal Mars. Transiting Mars was also square his natal Mars and in a wide opposition to transiting Neptune. In my rectified chart, transiting Mars was also conjunct Pitino’s natal Moon and approaching his Ascendant. Neptune is often associated with scandal and Mars with sports, so the symbolism fits like a glove.

The general opinion seems to be that this will be the end of Pitino’s coaching career. If so, that would be sad since he is obviously great at his job. However, if my rectification is correct, Pitino is a triple Virgo, and Virgos are adaptable. They roll with the punches. So, as bad as things look now, I seriously doubt that we’ve seen the last of Rick Pitino.

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