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Breaking Through the Baby Boom Blockade

In my last article I described how American politics was currently being dominated by people from the Baby Boom generation. (Click here to see that article.) I explained that the Boomer group actually includes two astrological generations, one born with Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo and another born with Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. The first group tends to be idealistic, but that idealism has been divided by an ongoing argument over who is being unfair to whom. The second wave tends to be conservative and reactionary.

The result is that the liberal ideologues of the first wave of Baby Boomer has, over the past ten years, been overwhelmed by a combination their conservative peers and the fearful second wave of Boomers, resulting in the current Republican majority in the House, Senate and in most of the state houses in the country. Since the Baby Boom generation in the U.S. is large, larger than the any generation that has come after, and likely to live longer because of medical advances and changes in lifestyle, it would seem that the dominance of American politics by conservatives will continue for some time.

So what could change this generational picture? One way would be a cause that could unite the liberal side of the first wave Baby Boomers with the smaller, post-Boomers generations. We saw evidence of how this could work recently. That liberal wing of the first wavers had been arguing in support of the legalization of marijuana and gay rights for decades. However, it was only when they were joined by younger generations, particularly the generation born with Neptune in Capricorn, that states began legalizing pot and allowing gay marriage.

The Neptune in Capricorn generation has a very practical vision of what the world should be, a vision that puts aside dogma and theory. Where the older liberals had approached these matters as a cause, this generation saw them as common sense.

The campaign of Bernie Sanders is another illustration. His appeal to the young was obvious, but a lot of old liberal warriors were also on his side. (By the way, Sanders is not a Baby Boomer. He is a very atypical member of the generation born with Neptune in Virgo.)

The other thing that could alter the current generational picture is a change of heart in the second wave of Baby Boomers. For many years this generation was invisible to pollsters. They were simply lumped in with the first wave of Boomers. This is not surprising. This generation was born with Pluto in Virgo. While the older Boomers, born with Pluto in Leo, thought they were going to save the world, the goals of this generation are much more modest. As a generation, they are content to live day-by-day.

What made this generation politically active was the 9/11 attacks. With Neptune in Scorpio, this generation was already primed to see enemies everywhere. That horrible act of terrorism convinced them that they were right. At some point, however, that fearfulness could wear thin. Or it could be overcome by the cynicism about politics and politicians that characterized this generation before 9/11. This would, of course, make them less of a factor in upcoming elections.

You can learn more about my take on generational astrology by checking out "Published Articles" on my homepage. In particular, "The Battle of the Boomers" explains the differences between the two Boomer generations.

Once again, I want to repeat my disclaimer: No one is or should be a perfect representative of his or her generation. Everything I’ve said her is based on general trends involving million of people. The fact that what I’ve said doesn’t apply to you doesn’t reflect badly on you, or on what I’ve said.


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