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Dissecting Defeat

The release of Hillary Clinton’s book on the 2016 campaign, along with some other books on the same subject, has caused a lot of people to reexamining that election and wonder what happened. My interest is not so much in the ins-and-outs of political strategy as in the horoscope of the Democratic contender. Clinton’s defeat has satisfied for me, at least to a degree, the question of her birth time.

As you might recall, there have been several different birth times floated for Hillary Clinton. She, or people speaking for her have given both 8am and 8pm. At one point, an astrologer claimed that he had a time confirmed by officials in Illinois of 2:18 am. (His claim later turned out to be bogus.) Other times have been proposed by different people, leaving astrologers to argue over their favorite. (Click here to see a complete rundown of all the competing theories with regard to Hillary Clinton's birth time.)


At the beginning of Clinton’s campaign I was a fan of the 8pm time. I liked this time for various reasons but mostly because it placed her Sun in the Fifth House and Uranus on her Ascendant. I thought the Fifth House Sun worked because she’s been lucky enough to make a career out of something she loves to do, in other words, out of something she regards as play. Uranus on the Ascendant seemed right because she has always been a divisive character and her election as the first woman president would have represented something revolutionary.

As the campaign continued, however, and I was able to match transits to her Moon and the angles of the chart (the positions of which change hourly) I became disenchanted with this time of birth. I experimented with some of the other times and finally, with much reluctance, used the 8am chart.

The reason I resisted the 8am chart was because it placed Clinton’s Sun in the Twelfth House (Click here to see that chart.) Of the Presidents of the United States for whom we have birth times, three had the Sun in the Twelfth House: George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Ulysses S. Grant. All of these men had their good points, and yet each of them failed in a major way as president.

Bush's efforts to spread democracy throughout the Middle East only opened the door to the rise of ISIS. Carter proved to be a more effective peacemaker (being a Libra by Sun sign) but a poor custodian of the economy. Grant’s attempt to reconstruct the South into a equitable society after the Civil War  fell woeful short, and his administration was rocked by financial scandals. Obviously, this history didn’t bode well for a Clinton presidency if she had the Sun in the Twelfth.

Of course, the Electorial College deprived us of the chance to see if this history would have played out as expected. Clinton lost and her reaction, as far as I’m concerned, pretty much closed the book on her birth time. After her defeat Clinton withdrew from the public eye. Apparently she spent a lot of time walking in the woods, alone with her own thoughts. And then she wrote a book about her circumstances. Reportedly the book pulls no punches when it comes to skewering her political enemies. (She is a Scorpio, after all). But it is also an unflinching analysis of what she did wrong.

The Twelfth House is all about looking inward. It is a place for soul-searching and dealing with our demons. It is interesting that after he left office, Ulysses Grant wrote a best-selling autobiography, becoming the first ex-president to do this. Both Bush and Carter have also devoted their post-presidencies to self-examination, Carter through several books and Bush through his paintings of wounded veterans, many of whom were wounded in wars he started.

There are several other things that recommend the 8am chart for Clinton, and I could do a rectification, (though it’s my opinion that rectifications often say more about the prejudices of the astrologer than the correctness of the time.) However, for now, I’m going to put my faith in the Sun in the Twelfth House

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