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Trump Vs. Paul Ryan

First of all, I have to point out that Trump’s Jupiter transit has so far been all that I predicted it would be. (Click here to see that article.) He has increased his attacks on his enemies and the press, and he has made expansive (some would say outrageous) use of his power as President by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio and banning transgender people from the military. And, since he did all of this under the cover of a natural disaster in Texas (lucky for him, unlucky for them) the protests have been muted.

You might be wondering how there could be any sort of conflict between Trump and Paul Ryan, since the Speaker of the House has not just bent over backwards, he’s tied himself into increasingly complex knots in order to not offend his President. However, Trump’s promise the shut down the government if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall has put the two men on a collision course.

The first connection between Trump’s chart and Ryan’s (click here to see the double chart) pretty much tells the story of their relationship. Ryan’s Sun and Venus in Aquarius in opposed to Trump’s Pluto. Ryan feels intimidated by Trump, or at least by his power over Republican voters. It’s something that is intellectual Aquarian mind just can’t comprehend. His reaction, through Venus, is to do his best to appease this power, and to pretend to like it.

The next connection is a square between Ryan’s Uranus and Trump’s Mercury. This is interesting because it describes a relationship based on ideas and words. Ryan is a doctrinaire Ayn Randian capitalist. He’s a guy full of ideas. Trump has no ideas, but he has a way of saying things that has convinced a lot of white, working class people that he is on their side.  

Ryan’s hope is that Trump’s talk will help him institute his ideas, but the square aspect tells us that this will never be. It is becoming increasingly obvious that, instead of promoting Ryan pure, rational constructs, Trump’s talk is sullying those ideas with racism and divisiveness. Trump really has no sympathy for Ryan’s ideas. They’re complex and boring. He’d much rather parrot the half-baked notions of some Fox News talking head.

Finally, we have Ryan’s Mars opposed to Trump’s Neptune. This aspect is a little wider, almost three degree, but it is interesting because Neptune plays an important role in Ryan’s horoscope. (Click here to see my breakdown of Ryan’s chart.) The aspect basically affirms what I’ve just I just said.  Ryan doesn’t understand Trump or the Donald Trump phenomenon, and at some point that confusion is going to pose a threat to Ryan. He’s going to react with anger and strike back. Considering how Ryan has responded to Trump’s outrageous acts so far, that might seem unlikely, but this connection tells us that it will happen.

That brings us to the August 21st eclipse. In my last article I pointed out that the eclipse degree was opposite Mitch McConnell’s Sun. In Ryan’s horoscope the eclipse degree was square to his Neptune and his Ascendant. This is why McConnell and Ryan have become targets of the President’s ire. I think one of the things this eclipse has signaled is the beginning of a major split between Trump and both Congress and the Republican Party. This split could be the “big event” that eventually brings down this president.


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