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Donald Trump Gets a Jupiter Vacation

I know Donald Trump has just finished a “working” vacation at his golf club, but the universe has decided to give him another one. Jupiter has moved into a sextile aspect to his Moon and a trine to his Sun. These aspects will be within a degree for the next two weeks and it could represent a respite from the criticism Trump has suffered since his inflammatory comments on the Charlotte demonstrations.

I say “could” because Jupiter can fool you. Sometimes Jupiter brings you bounty, a period of good fortune and easy living. At other times, however, Jupiter brings you more than enough rope to hang yourself.

Jupiter is great enabler. When under a positive Jupiter aspect we feel good about ourselves and our abilities. Our confidence is peaking and we carry ourselves with just bit more swagger. We expect things to go our way and, for the most part (within the constraints of the natal chart,) they do. The problems come when all of this confidence and good fortune causes us to overreach and try to accomplish things that aren’t meant to be accomplished.

Of course, if there’s one person in the world who has no need for more self-confidence, it’s Donald Trump. And he also has never been short on good fortune. Jupiter in his natal chart is nicely aspected by Uranus. This is an aspect of sudden, and remarkable good fortune. One reason Trump is so reckless in what he says and does is because he’s grown used to having Jupiter bail him out.

So, during this two week Jupiter vacation, Trump’s bombastic behavior is likely to increase, and his tendency to say whatever foolish notion crosses his mind will be more evident. For Trump, expressing his Jupiter in this way is going to feel good. Tonight he’s going to go to a rally in Phoenix, AR where he’ll get plenty of encouragement from his loyal followers. We can expect his speech there to be full-on Donald Trump.

So, Trump’s Jupiter vacation is not likely to keep him from getting into more trouble. In fact, it will probably expand the potential for him to say and do outrageous things. But it should shield him from the consequences of these actions, at least temporarily.

In early September, when the Jupiter aspect to his Sun will be close to exact, Mars will be passing over the degree of yesterday’s eclipse (and Trump’s Ascendant). That could easily bring a sudden and uncomfortable end to Trump’s Jupiter vacation. When transiting planets aspect the degree of an eclipse, especially an eclipse that hits significant point in your chart, the energy of the eclipse is often released, and with Mars as the transiting planet, that release can be particularly unpleasant.

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