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Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and the EclipseBannonImageFront

Well, it looks like the Big American Eclipse may have had its first victim. We don’t have a time of birth for Steve Bannon but if he was born in the afternoon his Moon would be close to or maybe even directly on the degree of the eclipse on the 21st. His exit from the Trump administration (voluntary or not) would be an appropriate manifestation of such an aspect. (Click here to see a horoscope for Steve Bannon done for noon.)

What does Bannon’s departure mean to Donald Trump? It’s unlikely to change Trump’s views on race, nativism or international relations. It’s pretty obvious that the President takes most of his advice on these issues from various commentators he sees on Fox News. What Bannon gave to Trump was permission to be just as crazy as he wanted to be.

Even without a time of birth, it’s clear that Mars in Bannon’s chart is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter and trine Trump’s Uranus. Essentially, Bannon’s presence in Trump’s life activated the President’s natural tendency to disrupt and do the unexpected, as well has all the expansive, over-the-top desires of his Second House Jupiter. Bannon was Trump’s alt-right lucky charm, as well as his way of thumbing his nose at conventional politics.

Outside the administration, however, the Mars connections between Trump and Bannon could cut a different way. Bannon is already making noises about how he believes that Trump has gone off the course, and that he is no longer the president that the good people (well mostly the Electoral College) put into office. Hell has no fury like a thwarted Mars. And, considering how much Bannon must know about the inner workings of the White House, he could be a dangerous enemy.

I’ve written about the possible impact of the eclipse on Donald Trump’s chart in several previous articles (Click on Donald Trump’s Long, Hot Summer and Vacationing through Eclipse Season to see a couple.) Like a lot of people I was expecting (okay, hoping) for some big development that would put an end to this clown car of an administration. However, we may have to settle for more limited developments, like Bannon’s departure and the way that Trump’s statements on Confederate monuments have alienated people in his own party.

There’s always the possibility that Donald Trump’s presidency could survive The Great American Eclipse. However, if it does, Trump will be even more hobbled and ineffective than he is now. That might be a wonderful development for comedians and news outlets, but it will be bad news for the United States of America. Even a broken Trump administration can do a lot of damage. This country is facing so many problems that demand attention and, of course, the threat of nuclear war is always out there. At some point the question stops being about the fate of Donald Trump, and becomes a question about the fate of this nation.