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The Epiphany of David Duke

Poor David Duke. He appeared on television in the midst of the Charlottesville demonstration saying that Donald Trump was his man. A couple of days later Donald seemed to confirm that belief by failing to name the KKK as perpetrator of the violence there. Then Donald broke David’s heart by reading a prepared statement in which he did name the KKK. Then, before David even had a chance to dry his tears, Donald made statements in news conference that gave him hope that their love was not dead. What's a boy to do?

That might sound melodramatic, but Duke is a Cancer by Sun sign, (click on David Duke to see his chart) and Cancer people get emotional about things like this. As far as David Duke is concerned, his relationship with Donald Trump might be the most important relationship in his life. When Trump was elected in November, transiting Saturn was square its natal place in Duke’s chart. This is a “turning point” aspect, and epiphany aspect. Duke no doubt felt that Trump’s victory signaled that white Americans were finally ready for his message.

Personally, I think Duke made as serious misjudgment with regard to the American people. Whether or not the same applies to Donald Trump is apparently still in doubt. But the thing about Cancer people is that, once they are emotionally connected to an idea, they rarely let it go. Duke has been preaching white supremacy since he was in college. It’s going to take more than a speech read from a teleprompter to make him doubt that Trump and he are buddies.

What’s going on in Duke’s secondary progressed chart right now is also interesting.  His secondary progressed Moon is conjunct his natal Sun. This is also a “turning point” aspect. It indicates a psychological reset. Some people might see Charlottesville as the culmination the “white power” movement in this country, but Duke sees it as just a beginning.

Also in Duke’s secondary progressed chart, the progressed Sun is moving into a conjunction with Duke’s natal Saturn in the Twelfth House. In the context of this aspect, the connection between the alt-right demonstrations and Confederate monuments is interesting. Saturn is associated with the past and history. It’s only natural that Duke would use the preservation of history to cloak his real intentions.

What this secondary progressed aspect also indicates is a clash with authority. This is nothing new for Duke. Clashing with authority is part of his identity. However, the placement of this aspect in the Twelfth House tells us that this clash is not likely to go Duke’s way.

In November of this year transiting Saturn will pass over Duke’s I.C. (opposite the Midheaven). This is an important, Saturn Cycle aspect and will put him at a crossroad in his life. With his secondary progressed Sun (his identity) conjunct Saturn (authority) in the Twelfth House (places of confinement) a wrong turn at this crossroad could land David Duke in jail.

I also want to note the similarities between Duke’s chart and Trump’s. Both men have the Sun conjunct Uranus in the Tenth House. Both are regarded as disrupters. Also, like Trump, Duke has Mars strongly placed in his horoscope. Trump’s Mars is conjunct his Ascendant, while Duke’s is in the First House and square his Tenth House Sun. Both Duke and Trump are fighters, who see themselves as warriors in a battle against the rest of the world. So, Duke’s affection for Trump is no surprise. After all, they're practically the same person.

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