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Vacationing Through Eclipse SeasonEclipseImage

It’s called a working vacation, but that could be said of the entirety of Trump’s term in office thus far, though very little seems to be actually “working”. Nonetheless, the timing of the President’s vacation is good.. With both Congress and the President out of Washington, it would seem that nothing important is going to happen in the U.S. government during the our season of disruptive eclipses.

So it would seem, anyway, but eclipses are quirky. A lot of astrologers believe that it’s not necessarily the moment of the eclipse that triggers trouble, it’s when other planets pass over the degree of the zodiac where the eclipse occurred days, weeks or even months afterwards.

I have to admit that I haven’t had much experience with using eclipses as predictors, but I do know from personal experience that when an eclipse occurs near a significant point in your horoscope, it can really mess you up.

This is what is going to happen to Donald Trump during the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. As I’ve said many times, the Sun will be conjunct both his Mars and his Ascendant. What is also notable is the fact that this eclipse will be visible in the United States, even where Trump is currently vacationing in New Jersey. Seeing how this will impact President Trump is going to be interesting on several different levels.

Here are some things we should watch for. Today’s lunar eclipse doesn’t impact anything in Trump’s chart, but it will be interesting to see what happens when Mars crosses the eclipse point (15 degrees of Leo) on Aug. 12 and 13. Also, after the Aug. 21 eclipse Mars will cross Trump’s Mars, the eclipse point and Trump’s Ascendant between Aug.29 and Sept. 4. Mars is the bringer of conflict, anger and mayhem and its going to be very busy the rest of this month.

Another thing we should keep in mind is that what “happens” during this eclipse period might not be readily visible to the public until much later. The investigation by the special prosecutor, now complete with a grand jury, is still churning away. A significant development there wouldn’t necessary be announced to the press. It could be months before its impact would be known.

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