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Trump and Kelly: The Mars Connection

There’s a new sheriff in the White House. Gen. John Kelly, a former Marine has taken over as Trump’s Chief of Staff. Kelly has already asserted himself in a big way by ousting Anthony Scaramucci last week. Many feel that he will become the stabilizing force that this administration so desperately needs.

A partial horoscope for General Kelly, one without his time of birth, reveals little other than the fact that he is a Sun sign Taurus. (Click on John Kelly to see the chart.) Much depends on the precise placement of his Pisces Moon, and we can’t know that without a time of birth. It seems likely that, given his profession, Kelly was born around noon with his Moon opposed to Mars, but we can’t be sure of that.

What is more interesting is a double chart with Donald Trump’s in the center and Kelly’s noon chart around the outside. (Click here to see that chart.) The first thing you notice here is that Kelly’s Sun and Mercury are both near Trump’s Midheaven. Mercury is also sextile Trump’s Venus. There is a definite affinity between Trump and Kelly, and Trump sees Kelly as someone who can help his public image.

Kelly isn’t the only military man that Trump depends upon. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Joseph Dunford are also considered to be influential. It might seem strange that a man who prides himself on being a disrupter would gravitate toward military types, but growing up Trump spent time in a military school. In fact, after struggling in other schools, Trump seemed to find military school a natural fit.

This is actually not surprising considering Trump’s horoscope. He has Mars close to his Ascendant. This indicates that he identifies with the military and its discipline, at least on the surface. That love of the military ended when he was about to be drafted and sent to Vietnam. Trump took the first deferment he could find.

Now back to our double chart. There is one other aspect connecting Trump and Kelly. Kelly’s Mars is almost exactly square Trump’s Sun. It also squares his Moon. This kind of Mars connection between two charts doesn’t always kill a relationship, but it’s a safe bet that sooner or later one person is going to do something that’s really, really pisses off the other.

Taurus people, in general, don’t put up with nonsense. I would think this would go double for a Taurus Marine. Also, transiting Saturn (which is currently square Trump’s Sun and Moon) is square Kelly’s Mars. This indicates that Kelly is not all that happy with his new position, that he is doing it out of sense of duty. So far it seems that everyone in the Trump administration has been called upon at least once to lie for the President. What’s going to happen when it’s Kelly’s turn?

All this has me wondering how long John Kelly will last in his new job. However, there is another possible scenario. An extreme interpretation of Mars in one person’s chart square the Sun and Moon in another is that the relationships could be dangerous for the Sun/Moon person. The danger represented here is not necessarily physical, but it would involve an attack on the ego and authority of the Sun/Moon person. Could it be that the man who is supposed to stabilize the Trump administration might end up bringing it down?

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