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Jupiter and Anthony ScaramucciScaramucciImage

The White House is beginning to resemble the Big Brother House. Every week a new “house guest” is evicted. First it was Sean Spicer, then Reince Priebus and now Anthony Scaramucci. The only difference is that we don’t have camera’s showing us all the behind-the-scenes backstabbing, as well as the torturous contests imposed on the “guests” by their “Big Brother”.

Of all of these evicted staff members, Anthony Scaramucci was easily the most colorful. We don’t have a time of birth for Scarammucci but just a chart done for noon on his birthday shows the source of this colorful personality. (Click on Anthony Scaramucci to see the chart.) Both the Sun and in Mercury are square Jupiter in this horoscope. If he was born close to noon or before, Scaramucci would also have the Moon opposed to Jupiter.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Square Scaramucci’s Capricorn Sun it expands his ego, his ambition and his respect for authority. Square his Mercury, Jupiter expands his self-expression, his need to talk and communicate his thoughts. If it is opposed to his Moon in Libra, Jupiter would expand his emotional needs, in particular the need to be liked and accepted.

We saw all of this during Scaramucci’s short tenure as White House Communications Director. He came in with a splash, ready to talk to anyone who would listen. Despite the fact that he had criticized Trump during the campaign, his subservience to his new boss was almost embarrassing. To hear Scarammucci tell it, Trump was Superman and he was just glad to serve as his Superdoggy.

Finally, there was Scaramucci’s language. Forget his Harvard degree. Scaramucci talked like he was rehearsing for a role in a Martin Scorsese film. His rant to a New Yorker reporter was so filled the expletives and crude insults directed at his co-workers that newscasters charged with reporting what he said were blushing.

Apparently, Donald Trump was alright with this behavior. It was his new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who decided that having a guy on staff who talks like a Mafia gangster was not good for the White house’s brand. He was apparently the person who showed Scarammucci the door and in doing so, broke the hearts of comedians around the world.

What’s interesting about Scaramucci brief career in government is that eleven days ago, when he was hired as Director of Communications, transiting Jupiter was square in natal Sun, mimicking the aspect we saw in his birth chart. Transiting Jupiter aspects often bring us golden opportunities. However, particular with a square, they can also be opportunities to reveal our faults and lack of preparation.

Another thing about transiting Jupiter aspects is that, typically, they don’t last long: a week to ten days is about average. In other words, just about the same span of time as Scaramucci’s tenure as White House Communications Director. What will he do now? Well, maybe Martin Scorsese is making a new movie.