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It Just Won’t Die!

The Senate’s latest failure to repeal Obamacare got me wondering what a horoscope for this act of congress, which has survived seven months or relentless attacks, would look like. I couldn’t find a reference to the time of day that Obama signed the bill on March 23, 2010, so I did a chart for noon. I think it is likely that the signing took place during the daylight hours, so the chart shouldn’t be too far off. (Click on Affordable Care Act to see the horoscope.)

The first thing you notice about this chart is the big red box. This delineates what astrologers call a Grand Cross, four planets, each about 90 degrees apart. The Affordable Care Grand Cross includes the Moon. Without a time of day it’s impossible to say where the Moon was, but if the bill was signed at any time around midday, the Grand Cross would still be in effect.

Even without the Moon, we have a hard T-square with the Sun opposed to Saturn and square Pluto. Mars helps out with a trine to the Sun and a sextile to Saturn, but what a helpful Mars does for you is get you ready for a fight, and Obamacare was in for a fight from the get go.

With the Sun afflicted by both Saturn and Pluto, criticism of the Affordable Care Act was loud and long. Some of it was just crazy, like “death panels” and the idea that the act would deny coverage to people who were “too old”. But more credible complaints came from people who objected to the prospect of using taxpayer money to fund a new entitlement program. They feared (and not without reason) that if healthcare became a right, the cost would eventually swallow the whole budget.

Republicans were able to use opposition to Obamacare to make big gains in the House and Senate and several times they voted to repeal the act, only to have their efforts vetoed by President Obama. Meanwhile, a lot of people were signing up for Obamacare and starting to like it, though somehow their approval was drowned out by the acts critics. These critics got good news last November when Trump was elected with a promise to “repeal and replace.” “it’ll be so easy,” he said.

Of course, it hasn’t been. Even just repealing part of the Affordable Care Act, which was the aim of the Senate’s last vote, proved to be beyond their capacity. Were the Affordable Care Act a person who came to me with that horoscope I would have to frank. I would have to tell them that they will face a lot of adversity, that they will often be blocked, denied and attacked. However, I would add that every obstacle they face and overcome will make them stronger until they become so strong that virtually nothing will be able to stop them.

Of course, no human being is totally unstoppable, and no act of congress is safe from amendment or repeal. I assume that Republicans will continue to come after Obamacare and, if they wait until later in the year, (after Saturn moves away from its opposition to the Sibley Mars) they may actually succeed in their effort to repeal and replace. But for now, I think they have to back off and admit that Obamacare is one tough hombre.