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Neptune and John McCain

You don’t have to agree with John McCain’s politics to consider him an American hero. The guy survived five years of imprisonment and torture as a P.O.W. during the Vietnam War and returned to the United States not just unbroken, but ready to become leader.  It’s would be impossible not to respect that kind of courage and resilience (unless you happen to be Donald Trump.)

You don’t have to look hard at John McCain’s horoscope in order to find the astrological source for that resilience. McCain has Saturn close to the Midheaven in his Tenth House opposed to Mars in the Fourth. (Click on John McCain to see the chart.) There are a lot of negative things that come from an aspect like this: hardship, struggle and McCain’s rather famous temper, but above all it is an aspect indicating toughness. With this aspect, McCain is a person who thrives in adverse situations.

That, of course, brings us to the McCain’s recent diagnosis. An operation to remove a blood clot in his eye revealed that he has brain cancer. News of the diagnosis has shaken people on both sides of the political divide. Not only was McCain a popular figure, largely because of his reputation as a maverick within the Republican Party, Republican’ need his vote to maintain their majority in the Senate, and Democrats appreciate the fact that McCain has been one of a very few Republicans to openly criticize President Trump.

Again, we don’t have to look hard to see the astrological factors involved in this diagnosis. Right now Neptune is transiting McCain’s First House. According to Lee Lehman, a traditional astrologer who specializes in Hellenistic and Medieval approaches to medical astrology, the First House represents the body. The fact that McCain’s condition was initially misdiagnosed is quite in keeping with Neptune, which is associated with deception and thing hidden from view.

 Neptune is moving retrograde (backwards in the sky relative to the motion of the Earth) toward a 90 degree square with that Mars/Saturn opposition I noted. So the aspect in McCain’s horoscope representing hardship and struggle is been tripped by a transiting planet signifying things hidden in the sector of the chart related to the body. Any questions?

The bad news for McCain is that this aspect is going to be in effect in his chart for the rest of this year. This indicates that treatments prescribed by doctors are not going to work exact as they should. Since Neptune is the activating planet, there are going to be a lot of indefinites in this process and we might see McCain resort to medical solutions outside the mainstream.

The good news is that, after Feb. 2018, Neptune will have moved away from this 90 degree aspect. This indicates that if the cancer can be held in check until then, he should be able to enjoy a fairly long period of remission. I think we all need to hope for the latter result. That’s the least we can do for an American hero.

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